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Our First Night in Johnnyland TO

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Photos: Dagmar Yu

Photos: Dagmar Yu

Who: Toronto All-Ages Art and Music Community
What: A night of free love and hugs for all. Dancing and surfing to independent bands. Moshing during intermission. And some art to look at when you’re tired.
Lineup: Albeit, Closed Circuit, Cosmic Slug, Brick Kick, Pins & Needles, Professor H & The Bandits, Ghost Daze, ART // The Band
Where: The Opera House, Toronto
When: Friday December 5th, 2014

Photo gallery here: FB

Johnnyland is a place with zero pretentiousness and a hundred % love. It is a refreshing wave in the Toronto music and arts scene, and lights a flaming torch of hope for the future. It is made up of mostly students, or young entrepreneurs and artists. The community cherishes what they have, is constantly developing and reinventing itself, and has thrived on a care for each other, for expression, without care for what others would think of them. With that, they have created a sort of ‘Johnnyland vibe’ since the first event – Measure – in March 2013.

How would you define Johnnyland in one line?

“I could probably do it in one word, and that’s: art. But that’s a little cliche. In one line: Johnnyland is the realistic outlet for the youth to express themselves within Toronto.”

JohnnylandTO - Dagmar Yu-7

Stay Tuned For:

A compilation of recorded answers from surveying fans and staff at Johnnyland. Featuring: “Disneyland, or Johnnyland? And Why?”

A video interview with BRICK KICK.

JohnnylandTO - Dagmar Yu-8

After BRICK KICK’s show, we shot an impromptu interview with the band outside. If you have never heard or seen BRICK KICK, our writer Tyler Brown has something to say:

“BRICK KICK is a combination of everything hard. Their breed of thrash punk, metal, gangster rap and EDM keeps you guessing what the fuck is coming up next. This is what you want to mosh to. This is what you want to head bang to. Brick Kick is known for their live show. Shirts off with their war paint on, stage diving and getting into scuffles with each other, this band projects live energy. They are up-and-comers with raging hard-ons for dick jokes and drug references. Brick Kick is a show to get sloppy at. Their SoundCloud is home to some of the strangest Photoshop images the internet has ever seen.”



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