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Indie Week – Liam MacKenzie (Indie Week 2013)


Who: Liam MacKenzie
From: Toronto, ON
Where: The Silver Dollar
When: Friday, October 18th, 2013

Total Score: 7.2/10

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Style: Rock singer/songwriter with a bit of a retro vibe. Like Tom Petty at higher rpms or the Stones.

Crowd: The place was a little less than half full, but they got people up dancing.

Technicalities: The system was loud and clear.

Sex appeal/image: They’ve got the 70’s look in spades, long hair and denim.

Memorable song/moment: Told the audience to come up and dance, they responded enthusiastically.

Comments: He had a killer and tasteful lead player, tons of classic licks. Awesome harmonized lead playing on a couple songs, Mackenzie handily dealt with hecklers, got the audience revved up by keeping the songs fun and upbeat.


Written by: Callan Furlong


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