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Indie Week – Milo McMahon (Indie Week 2013)

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Indie Week – Milo McMahon (Indie Week 2013)

Milo McMahon - Bovine Sex Club - October 17th 2013- Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Milo McMahon – Bovine Sex Club – October 17th 2013- Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Who: Milo McMahon
From: Montreal
Where: Bovine Sex Club
When: Thursday 17th October 2013

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Style: Rock, Solo-artist Rock

Crowd: The first band of the second evening of Indie Week was a three-piece touring set from Montreal, two guys to accompany Milo McMahon, the solo act. Sadly, the crowd was very dull because it was the beginning of the night and they mostly stayed in their barstools, starting out the evening with some drinks. A couple of the fans of the band cheered on while Milo played, but otherwise, they politely cheered on the young man.

Technicalities: This is a solo act with a touring band, and for a small garage type band from Montreal, the sound was very upbeat. We can feel Milo’s talent in his music, and the energy that his band brings to the act. The vocalist and frontman Milo is definitely a talented singer – he has a very nice and soothing voice, with a wide vocal range. There is definitely a lot of potential to move up for this Montreal musician.

Sex appeal: I smirked when I saw what the bassist was wearing. He was dressed in a very “Montreal-hipster” fashion. That, paired with his stage energy, makes for a very cool character.

Memorable moment: “They have to wait until 840 to turn lights down. It’s a Toronto bylaw” jokes Milo, as they lowered the lights in the bovine sex club, 10 minutes after his act started. It is always nice to see witty banter with some humour, despite how embarrassing a situation may seem. It is also very nice to see a good recovery such as that one.

Written and Photographed by Andrej Ivanov



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