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Take The Throne gives fresh young metalcore

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Take The Throne gives fresh young metalcore

Hailing from St. Catharines Ontario, Take The Throne is an up-and-coming metalcore act quickly gaining ground. Talented musicians mastering their instruments, learning to come together as one united sound is what Take The Throne brings to the table. With newly acquired frontman Landon Smallwood accompanying guitarists Tom Jakobs and Brad Feor, bassist Jake Nowak and drummer Kurtis Fulton, things are looking up for this young group of individuals. The Scene Magazine’s Jono Del Pozo talked with the band about their recent endeavours.


With a new vocalist joining last June, what’s the transition been like?

It’s been great. We had a fill in vocalist before, we had to part ways with our original vocalist for issues during the recording process, and we have Landon now, which is cool. 

TTT9How long has Take The Throne been around?

We started playing shows about a year and a half ago in September, but the idea for the band came two years before that; it had been in the works for time. 

What genre would you guys consider yourselves? What were the band’s main influences?

Well metalcore for sure. As for influences August Burns Red is a big one, right away everyone points that one out. Born of Osiris maybe a little bit, a little bit of After the Burial in there as well.

Who’s the coolest band you’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with? 

Born of Osiris by far. It was sold out, it was awesome. A few kids even knew our lyrics and that was the first time that’s ever happened to us. The place was packed, there was barely even room to move, it was a very rad experience. 

Having kids scream lyrics back at you must be a pretty cool experience, sounds like you guys are starting to make a name for yourselves within your local scene. 

Literally when it happened, looking out over the crowd I almost cried. Hearing them know the lyrics for one and want to be apart of the show was amazing. A few members have been in past bands for a good part of two years, and that never happened for them so it was a first time experience for all of us, which was cool. 

What band would you dream of sharing the stage with in the future?

August Burns Red without a doubt. Memphis May Fire would also be amazing, Erra would be surreal. ABR would definitely take the cake for all of us though.

What’s it been like reaching out to new markets on the mini-tour with Dreamer/Deceiver?

 Well this is our first time doing so, and its been going well, better than we expected it to for sure. We were only expecting about 10 people coming to Ottawa and we did better than that, which was cool. Being on the tour with Dreamer/Deceiver was a huge help as well, being pretty big in Ottawa they definitely helped draw a crowd. Not bad for our first little run.


What has been the most memorable moment for you guys as a band? 

Definitely when we played our single at the Born of Osiris show, we started playing and kids just started a huge mosh pit and were going nuts. Going in not knowing what to expect that was really cool.

What material from you guys should we be expecting next?

We’re getting into the studio in June; we got time booked for that. It’s going to be a five song EP with our single Deserter being remixed and remastered just to fit our current sound. It will hopefully be out late summer, early fall.

Take The Throne is still young, where do you see the band going? What are the ultimate goals for the band? 

Well touring the world would of course be living the dream for all of us. Being able to do this for a living and make money would be an ultimate goal for us as musicians although tough to attain.  With all of us still in school its hard getting ourselves out there, but by the time were all done we’re thinking the bigger the better. We want to be able to do this without having to look over our shoulders and wonder if tomorrow’s going to be the day it’s all going to be over. A more attainable goal for now is to one day play Warped Tour; we might do the contest when we build up a little more of a following and of course any support would be amazing.


Interview and pictures by Jonathan (Jono) Del Pozo


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