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Jock itched -Virgin

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Dear Karen,

I’m a 21-year-old male virgin from Texas. At least I was until last weekend. The reason I waited so long is because of a fear of AIDS or pregnancy.

I always pretended I was a stud in front of my other guy friends, but I knew that I was really a virgin and it bothered me.

So a few weeks ago I started dating online and met a few different girls. Most of them we’re below my standards physically. But one was so horny and open so I decided to go out with her a few times.

We had sex on our third date. I used a condom and we were safe in every way. I think I was pretty good actually and she wants to meet again…although I’m not sure she’s really my type.

My problem is that my balls have been very red since. They are itchy all the time. I’m not noticing anything strange like growths or anything like that. I’ve searched google and couldn’t find anything.

Is this an STD symptom or am I just freaking out?

Jacob B

Dear Jacob B:

I think the real reasons you waited to have sex has more to do with low self-esteem and your own insecurities rather than your fear of AIDS or pregnancy.

You have to be comfortable with yourself and project confidence in order to attract women.

Have you even figured out what “your type” is? You’re 21! And, up until last weekend, you were still a virgin!

My advice may sound strange, but here it goes. Lower your standards. Instead of looking at unreachable women, look around at the real girls that actually may like you, and go after them. Begin with the girl you had sex with. She has made it clear that she’s into you. And, as long as nobody gets hurt and you are both straight up on what you want from the relationship, the experience can become a wonderful lesson in sexual discovery for you.

It seems unlikely that you contracted an STD from having sex with this girl since you practiced safe sex by using a condom. My best guess would be that the redness and itchy scrotum are symptoms of something non-STD related, and more likely a result of poor hygiene, jock-itch, or eczema. However, Bexar County, for example, reported an 8% increase in chlamydia cases, a 43% increase in gonorrhea cases, and a 2% increase in syphilis cases from 2013 to 2017. This means there is a higher chance of someone catching an STD and there is only one way to know for sure; an STD test. So perhaps it would be within your best interest to book an appointment to visit a clinic like Southwest Care, to seek a proper evaluation from a professional to determine the real issue. If it is an STD, then you can get advice on how to manage it. But if it is not, they will also inform you of what it could be. I hope this helps and puts your mind to rest at least a little.

Good luck,


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