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Kendrick Lamar Wayhome – Where’s Kanye West?

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Kendrick Lamar Wayhome – Where’s Kanye West?

Kendrick Lamar at Wayhome Festival 2015 - Dagmar Yu

Kendrick Lamar at Wayhome 2015 – Dagmar Yu

Attendance: 15,000 (start) – (30,000 end)
Set Length: 90mins

Crowd Reception: 10
Stage Presence: 10
Visual/Sound Presentation: 9
Musical Ability: 8
Originality: 8
Wow Factor: 10

After a devastatingly tight opening set by Run The Jewels it was pretty clear that the crowd at Wayhome was 100% in hiphop mode and ready for the rapper from Compton.

As the crowd quickly swelled in anticipation for what was to be the largest drawing set of the festival, fireworks could be seen over the tree line towards the WayBright stage, as last minute fill-ins Broken Social Scene finished their set.   BSS were filling in for Passion Pit who cancelled due to illness the day before. Rumors were abound that another surprise, Mr. Kanye West himself was on his way up to Oro-Medonte a day before his scheduled performance at the grand finale Pan-Am games in Toronto.

“I’m glad y’all warmed up cause we got a long motherfucking night tonight man. The last time I came here the energy was on a 10.  We gonna take this shit up two notches by the times we done, you feel me? Let’s make sure my homies is out here.  So I see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd right now.  A lot of people that’s been rocking with me since day one.”   Before he broke into The Art Of Peer Pressure.

Kendrick Lamar - 4site-2
Lamar pulled the majority of his set from Good Kid, M.A.A.D City in an effort to please the party thirsty Saturday night crowd with bangers.   This choice which largely ignored his latest album To Pimp A Butterfly worked for the largely white sunburned suburban audience who ate up what Kendrick and his A+ band were serving without question.

The Rapper/Hype man made it a point to keep the energy turned up to 12 at all times.

“I think this might be the loudest side right now. Or is this the loudest side right now?   Everybody in the middle and the back where the fuck y’all at right now?”   Said Lamar several times as he stopped to check the crowd’s energy between every second song.

“You see the reason I’ve gotta keep checking the temperature is because if this side’s got energy then that means that this side’s got energy and that means that everybody in the back’s having a good time.  And then we go home and talk about it, tell everybody how crazy the motherfucking show was, that means I come back and do this shit all over again.” Said the rapper, playing the role of hype man in-between songs.

“By the end of this show, we will make sure that this will be the loudest motherfucking crowd that this town has ever seen in their lives, you know what I mean” stated Lamar, but before anyone could mistake his confidence for arrogance the young rapper made sure to clarify something in his next breath:

“… And I made a vow to myself since the first time I came out here and yawl showed me love, that I always make music, that real people go through like yourselves, you know what I mean?   I make sure I sing about you, so remember think about me as well.” Finished Lamar before breaking in to Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst.

The second half of his set included songs from To Pimp a Butterfly and ADHD from 2011’s Section.80.
Ending with Compton, Lamar reiterated: “I will be back, I will be back”, as the band played on and fireworks filled the air over the main stage.

Kendrick Lamar - 4site-5
By the time the dust settled, the Wayhomies were now in full party mode and searched the festival grounds for their next adventure.  The only conundrum left for the evening was ODESZA vs Bassnectar, both of whom were scheduled to close on opposite stages at the same time leaving only the answer “who cares” to the lingering question of the day…”Where’s Kanye West?”

Set list:
1. Money Trees
2. Backseat Freestyle
3. m.A.A.d city (pt II)
4. The Art Of Peer Pressure
5. Swimming Pools
6. Fuckin’ Problem
7. Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe
8. Poetic Justic?
9. m.A.A.d city (pt I)
10.  Sing about me, I’m dying Of Thirst
11. i
12. king kunta
13.  The Recipe
14. ADHD
15. Alright
16. Compton

“I make sure I sing about you, so remember think about me as well.” Kendrick LamarFull review:

Posted by The Scene Magazine on Thursday, 30 July 2015

Darrell Shelley

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