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Must See Movies This Spring

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Must See Movies This Spring

Spring is in the air and these sure to be hit will all be coming soon to a cinema near you.


This reboot of the classic 1970s and 1980s NBC buddy cop series sees Dax Shepard, who also writes and directs the movie, and Michael Peña pair off as hapless middle-aged California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers Jon Baker and Frank “Ponch” Poncherello. Before too long the useless pair find themselves involved in a conflict with a bunch of corrupt officers led by Vincent D’Onofrio over laundered money and stolen art. The movie will be released this April, followed, although unrelated, by another TV reboot in the summer by Baywatch as Hollywood continues to harvest long canceled television hits to convert for the big screen.

Free Fire

In this exciting British thriller, Oscar winner Brie Larson is joined by Cillian Murphy and Armie Hammer in an arms deal meeting that goes horribly wrong. Set in Boston in the late seventies, this Ben Wheatley directed flick takes place over just one night and in just one building and promises to be a chaotic fight for survival. Being set during the 1970s, the film also promises a healthy slice of nostalgia as British born Wheatley looks to crack the US.

The House

When Will Ferrell and Any Poehler commit the ultimate parenting fail and destroy their daughter’s college fund, there is only one way to make amends. Well, actually there are plenty of ways but the one that these silly pairs opt for is to open and run an illegal basement casino. If you like to gamble but do not necessarily want to visit an illegal basement casino, you can try to play on a safe and well-regulated online casino which allows you to play and gamble with bitcoins! Such as! On other sites, you have the option to be able to coose to use play-money or go all in to win a real-money prize. What we can expect of The House is a typical Will Ferrell funny fest as the duo runs the risk of life on the other side of the law. This film is almost certainly going to be a hit with avid visitors to

Going in Style

Starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin, this Zach Braff directed remake of the 1979 heist comedy of the same name, features a group of lifelong friends who, in their old age, decide to wander over to the dark side for the first time in their otherwise honest lives and pull off a bank job after their pension funds are swallowed by the banks whom they plot to get their revenge upon. With such a top cast, this one looks like a sure-fire hit.

The Circle

In The Circle, Emma Watson puts away her beautiful Belle dress and leaves the Disney magic behind in order to star in this sinister Tom Hanks thriller that is also one of the last films starring the late Bill Paxton. The story is set around a young woman who accepts a job at a top tech firm, only to find everything is not as it seems and, due to a lack of privacy, freedom and control, things soon spiral out of her control.

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