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KASH – Feels Like – Single Review 


Independent hip hop is often one of the only modern refuges for throwback and more R&B infused rapping. Save for some Wyclef Jean, the days of relaxed rapping seem to be all but gone in the mainstream. North Carolina rapper KASH, however is trying to bring back this more relaxed style, while adding to the cleverly used autotune canon through his interesting use of harmonies.

His new single “Feels Like” finds him alienated from his peers after trying to focus on his work and dealing with some bad seeds in his life. KASH even digs into the classic dilemma of shutting yourself down after being hurt by enough bad friends, eventually turning you into the cold person who lets nobody in and seems like the type of person you’re shutting out.

Sonically the production of the track is extremely satisfying, from the deep bass note pops to the open feel in the rest of the track. The sparse percussion works thanks to how it’s accented in the mix, really hitting on each note. Although it may come down to personal preference the monotone way the vocals are mixed and delivered do make the song feel more bland than it deserves.

Jordan Alexander – Take Me Out Tonight – Single Review

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Some artists just know how to craft a subtle pop single. Toronto’s Jordan Alexander does just this on her new track “Take Me Out Tonight” which mixes parts Leona Lewis and Lights, with soft piano and guitars for a dreamy night track sure to start some nights off in a smooth way.

The track opens on a subtle mix of keys and electronics with Alexander’s vocals velvety vocals driving the track. Each chorus bursts with a surge of guitars and a dynamic shift in piano. With each verse the layers of instrumentation get more complex, adding to the song’s variety. After the second chorus, Alexander’s vocals take over as the song strips everything back to a few simple chords before dropping into the final triumphant chorus with the even more life and layers than before. The mix of guitars, piano and Alexander’s vocals blend beautifully mixing in rhythm and melody naturally providing an accent to the percussion track.

The video for the track features Alexander and crew driving around Toronto at night with Alexander’s real grandmother, and taking out to party with them. The cinematography provides a cool complement to the track’s night time feel and the video’s made a lot more interesting by the fact that Alexander’s grandmother actually took the shots of tequila and smoked real marijuana for the video shoot.

The Vital – Modern Living – Exclusive Premiere



The Vital have had a busy year between working on a new album and playing shows testing out their new material. The Winnipeg natives release their new album October and with it The Scene has an exclusive peek at their new single “Modern Living.”

The band mixes a Joy Division sound with some Replacements and Stooges attitude. With a drum line energetic enough to solve the energy crisis, and guitar licks playing all over the distortion spectrum it’s a very immediate sound. The creative use of effects spread throughout the song make it a progressively interesting  listen that doesn’t just feel like a typical post-punk song. The video (below) also has an entertaining use of old school effects to make watching it as enjoyable as listening to it.

Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp!

The BallRoom Babies release “I Won’t Change” video


Photo by Jonny Tragic

Ladies and Gentlemen, rockers of all ages, “I Won’t Change” is a song that embodies the essence of rock and roll. Badass and delinquent in the best of ways, Mississauga’s own The BallRoom Babies’ latest single is sure to have audiences grooving to the sultry blues rhythms and face-melting guitar solos. Reminiscent of the great Jimi Hendrix, this musically-epic trio of brothers brings their melodies alive with loud and harmonious vocals that stay in perfect balance with their instruments.

The brothers have even dropped an awesome video to go along with the single. In it, Mike (drums/vocals), Steve (guitar/vocals) and Nathan (bass/vocals) prove just how incredibly talented they are. Although the video has a bit of a lengthy start, it is worth the watch just to giggle at the subtle allusion to a Canadian beverage icon. Without further ado…

For fans who love the track and want more, you can catch The BallRoom Babies live at several festivals this summer:

June 17 – Beach BBQ & Brews Festival, Toronto
June 18 – Cherry Cola’s, Toronto
June 25 – Woodstock Rib Fest, Woodstock
July 2 – Georgina Rib Fest, Goergina
July 9 – Thomas Rib Fest, Saint Thomas
July 16 – Milton Rib Fest, Milton
July 29 – Hamilton Food Festival, Hamilton
August 7 – Ajax Rib Fest, Ajax
August 13 – Gage Park Rib Festival, Hamilton
August 19 – Georgetown Rib Festival, Georgetown
August 28 – Orillia Rib Festival, Ontario

Sine of the Lion (ex-Abandon All Ships) release new video



Toronto five-piece Sine of the Lion released a new music video last week for their track “The Tapes” featuring Daniel Ciccotelli. The song boasts members of the late Abandon All Ships, you can check out the video below and grab the track on iTunes.

Video Director: Andrew Paiano / Goldfish Studio
Music Producers: Angelo Aita, Anthony Calabretta & Daniel Ciccotelli
Composers: Angelo Aita & Daniel Ciccotelli 
Mix & Master: Anthony Calabretta / Sunset Division


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