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Dreamer/Deceiver release new song and video


DDpromo2Dreamer/Deceiver release new song and video

If you like having your eardrums rattled by the sensuous low tones of heavy music, you would most likely and quite probably enjoy the new single “Disconnect” from Dreamer/Deceiver. Based out of Ottawa and Toronto, the band released their first track since their debut EP Generations, which debuted last January on Boston label We Are Triumphant.

After a year of touring, Dreamer/Deceiver were finally able to write, record and release their new track. February 3saw the fallout of some winter-haters cursing a groundhog as well as a wicked new song and video from the D/D camp.


To the pleasure of fans and metalheads everywhere, this track absolutely slams. The band is full of young and talented musicians. Their sound only seems to be getting bigger and better: watch out world.

Dreamer/Deceiver can be described as a mash-up of hardcore, metalcore and djent musical styling, drawing elements from popular bands within these genres like Northlane and Architects. “Disconnect” is definitely an extension of the sound that the band had already developed in their early stages and on their first record.

“Disconnect” starts off with an experimental vibe from the instruments, followed up by some soft, clean vocals overtop; an approach that seems to be getting used more and more in the metal scene. Sure enough, when the song drops it leaves your bones shaking from the heavy guitar tones, technical drumming and guttural vocals. A fast-paced, heavy song with meaningful lyrical content, Dreamer/Deceiver hit the nail on the head with this one. For those of you itching for that next heavy fix, this song does not disappoint. Sceptical? Take a listen- the breakdowns speak for themselves.

Keep an eye out for what’s coming next from Dreamer/Deceiver. Hopefully this new single is just a glimpse of what they have in store for us in 2015. 

You can read more about D/D from Jono in an interview and performance review he did last year. 

Jonathan (Jono) Del Pozo



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