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St Vincent Wayhome Festival – Dusts off an old Beatles cover

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St Vincent Wayhome Festival –  Dusts off an old Beatles cover

St. Vincent at Wayhome 2015 - Dagmar Yu

St. Vincent Wayhome July 26, 2015 – Dagmar Yu

Attendance: 1,100 (start) – 3,400 (end)
Set Length: 1hr 15min

Crowd Reception: 8
Stage Presence: 10
Image: 10
Musical Ability: 8
Originality: 10
Wow Factor: 8

As I approached the main stage it was clear that the crowd attendance was much lower than anticipated.  July Talk who started earlier, held back a large crowd until half way through St. Vincent’s set.     One of the many conundrums of a mega festival like Wayhome is the scheduling.    Multiple conflicts arose at various times throughout the three days and the July Talk/St. Vincent time slots was no exception.

St Vincent - Wayhome 2015 - Photographer Dagmar Yu

Toko Yasuda

St Vincent (Annie Clark) had a Goddess like stage presence. It was clear that some serious effort has been placed on choreography as Clark and back up musician Toko Yasuda opened the set front to back opposite each other taking tiny robotic mechanical steps n sync while not missing a beat on their instruments.    The Grammy Award winning front woman known for her sense of personal style, coupled the unique dance moves with impeccable fashion. Her unique leather looking catlike jump-suit inspired by girl friend/British model Cara Delevingne, has been worn on her most recent tour, debuting at Rosklide in Denmark earlier this month.  It was designed by Avigail Collins of London’s Silver Spoons Studio who has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Eliza Doolittle, and Lorde.

Strong choreography and great fashion sense were complimented by a minimal set design which featured a single set of pink steps.  This made up for the lack of lighting and projection during the early evening set.

The fuzz driven octave guitar work coming from her Albert Lee custom was strange and unconventional.   Song passages in which a clean tone would normally be expected, were manipulated with effects including a whammy pedal, pitch shift and modulators.

St Vincent - Wayhome 2015 - Photographer Dagmar Yu

St. Vincent includes her guitar changeover in the choreography

Multi-instrumentalist Toko Yasuda was on point throughout with tiny intricacies on double guitar parts adding thick texture to the performance.

The highlight of the set was when Clark decided to go solo and play a cover of the underrated Beatles song “Dig a Pony”.   According to our sources, the impromptu performance had something to do with the fact that her laptop 
had overheated.

“Ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna dust off an old one, cause sometimes when the gods of technology snub their noses at you, you have to play a random old Beatles cover that nobody remembers.  As you all know my fine friends, my sunburned and freckled friends, it’s hot as shit out here.  It’s hot up here for us, I can only imagine what it’s like for you guys and I’m glad to see so many of you wearing protective hats and hopefully some SPF.   I don’t wanna leave you guys in a lurch but, some shit happens cause it’s that fucking hot.  So here’s what’s gonna happen, I’m gonna play a little song that you probably know and I hope that you know.  It’s a Beatles tune that’s on a sort of overlooked record and it’s a sort of overlooked song, if you can even say that about The Beatles.   And we’re really gonna pray, I mean I don’t even believe in God, just will you pray that I make it through this song? Cause it’s been a long time.   You know this shit just got down and dirty, it just went from Alien robot dance to down and dirty pub 2005.   That’s cool, that’s what we do.”

For the last song Krokodil she climbed down into the photo pit and accidentally brushed up against one of the video camera men.  After a brief interaction with the audience in which she ran across and up the barricade corridor, Clark ran back a hugged him to full applause.   Climbing back onto the stage she fell flat on her face, a staple part of her set, demonstrating fatigue after giving the show her all.

Indeed St. Vincent was energetic and intriguing, however, it could have been a legendary performance had scheduling allowed for a late night performance on the Waybold (tent) stage instead of the Black Monster.

Birth in Reverse
Year of the Tiger
Prince Johnny
Actor Out of Work
Every Tear Disappears
Dig a Pony
(The Beatles cover)
Strange Mercy
Digital Witness
Huey Newton
Bring Me Your Loves

St. Vincent decides to play impromptu Beatles Cover after a laptop crashFull review: Dagmar Yu

Posted by The Scene Magazine on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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