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Indie Week – Cousins – (Indie Week 2014)

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Indie Week — Cousins — (Indie Week 2014)

Cred: Cesar Ghisilieri

Cred: Cesar Ghisilieri

Who: Cousins
From: Halifax
Where: Adelaide Hall
When: 12:00 – Saturday – Oct. 18, 2014


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The Crowd: A decent size crowd 75 to 100 people, approvingly nodding their heads and shuffling to the music.

Style: Grunge influenced indie garage rock

Technicalities: No technical problems whatsoever, the guitar had a cool tone utilizing several pedals. A reverb heavy sound which felt very east coast.

Memorable Moment: For the last song of their set they brought out a saxophonist from the previous band and this really gave their show the shot in the arm it needed. The lead singer switched out his guitar, sliding it along the stage, grabbed a new one and proceeded to finish on a high note.

Image Style: They looked like they could have been any other member of the audience. They don’t really have an image asides from channeling the ghosts of grunge bands past. Shaggy hair, baggy button ups, that sort of thing.

Comments: They have been playing as a band since 2006 and it shows. Cousins were by far the most professional act I saw that night. They sounded much larger than a two piece should as there are full bands out there that would struggle to capture a similar sound.

As for the performance it was nothing particularly exciting, they seemed more focused on getting that big sound. The lead singer just played his guitar and stared at his shoes, stepping on a pedal every once in a while. It succeeds in sounding great and if that is what you came for then you got your money’s worth.

It kind of felt they were phoning it in at the beginning, it is chill music but they could have put more into it. Thankfully this changed when they brought out the saxophone. They ended their set really strong. The biggest disappointment being that they hadn’t started out the way they’d finished.  It could have made the difference between a good show and a great show.


By: Oren Wry
Photo: Cesar Ghisilieri



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