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Indie Week – The Rathburns – (Indie Week 2014)

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Indie Week – The Rathburns – (Indie Week 2014)

Cred: Cesar Ghisilieri

Cred: Cesar Ghisilieri

Who: The Rathburns
From: Toronto, ON
Where: The Hideout
When: Saturday, October 18, 2014


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The Crowd: The Hideout filled up a bit more for the Rathburns than previous bands. They were getting a lot of love from the crowd probably because they are a local act.

Style: Janis Joplin inspired Blues Rock.

Technicalities: The band sounded great, lead singer Frances Rose had some problems when she screamed as loudly as she could into the microphone. Though that is probably a stylistic problem and not a technical one.

Memorable Moment: Frances Rose is a really entertaining front woman. It was fun to watch and her get more and more drunk as the night went on. Remarkably her performance suffered little from the increasing inebriation. She did end up on the floor once but hey, she probably was having a better Saturday night than you.

Image: Dressed down very casual as mentioned before. They’d probably look weird in tight leather rocker gear, considering their music style.

Comments: The Rathburns are fun to watch live, they don’t take themselves too seriously and you can feel like you’re part of the good time they’re having. The music was good, especially their song Oh Lord. They are definitely worth checking out in future. Preferably at a time when the lead singer has had a bit less to drink. As previously mentioned this didn’t really interfere with their show that much, except for one thing, the shrill high pitched screams. There were moments when high flat notes into her microphone were almost enough to ruin the entire show. Don’t get me wrong, yelling has a place in music, especially heavier bands. The Rathburns are not one of these bands and melody should remain their priory, as they have loads of it! The ear piercing screeches did nothing but break up the flow of the show, but it might have been an off night.  When she did hit the notes, it was brilliant!


By: Oren Wry
Photo: Cesar Ghisilieri


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