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VELD 2015 – Let’s Get to the Point

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VELD 2015 – Let’s Get to the Point
Is the electronic festival scene in Southern Ontario cursed?

Photo: Dagmar Yu

Photo: Dagmar Yu

Let’s face it, it’s been an unlucky year for Electronic fans across southern Ontario. First it rained hard at Go Hard, while Everafter in Kitchener looked like it had been hit by a monsoon. Bestival got very wet on day one and Digital Dreams slipped into a nightmare because of inclement weather forcing a 50% refund to festival goers who made plans months in advance. Though the lineup at the inaugural Wayhome festival was excellent, the electronic acts were few and far between. Add to that the recent cancellation of Toronto Frosh Festival and expectations were high for VELD 2015.

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Day 1 seemed to be going well until a thunderstorm warning forced a one hour set by DJ Deadsilence around 4:00pm.

“We need you to step back 15 ft (from the stage). There’s lightening in the area, we just need you to back up, it’s for your own safety,” said a voice from the stage.

The one hour hiccup quietly turned into a two hour delay by the time the storm passed. This divided festival goers into two schools of thought as party goers clashed with spiritual anarchists.

DJ #deadsilence has inspired a little zen yoga session #veld #veld2015

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“I’m pretty upset, it’s been two hours. Fuck it, I’m not very happy to be honest. I had to save up to buy this ticket man, I worked and I worked. I could have went and paid for a nice prostitute for the best hour of my life instead.”  Said one party goer we spoke with.

Eventually, the silence lifted and with ‘the show must go on mentality’ concert producers INK and Live Nation flipped the switch back on.

With Nicky Romero on the main stage and Kill The Noise in the tent, it didn’t take long for fans to forget about DJ DeadSilence’s sexy set. After throwing down a decent show, Romero took time to interact with fans near the stage, while Aoki threw cake and played the best of Celine Dion with ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

Soon the silent set seemed like a distant fog in the memories of the bacchanalian mollied out mob of 30,000, as the night drew to a close with memorable performances from A$AP Rocky, Borgore, and Deadmau5. See our TOP 5 SETS FROM VELD 2015After day 1, peoples spirits on social media were as high as some concert goers had literally been earlier in the day.

With the weather network predicting a great weekend earlier in the week, it seemed like nothing could stop Day 2 from being one for the books.

The day started with strong sets from Mark Oliver and Dzeko Torres. As the day warmed up, so did Chocolate Puma and Oliver Heldens, giving memorable performances which had the crowd ready to rave all night long.
But soon the party was over.  At approximately 5:00pm the festival stopped due to the threat of an oncoming storm.
Some people accepted their fate while others sat frozen wondering how long set two from DJ #DeadSilence would last.   There was of course a handful of idiots who threw objects at the stage and yelled “bullshit” and other creative profanities at the empty stage, as stage crew and security dodged the oncoming assault.

Tens of thousands of ‘half way there’ party goers spilled out onto the suburb streets surrounding Downsview Park. Some took to social media while others were poised to make their own makeshift parties in parking lots and under bridges.

Some people accepted the outcome while others demanded a refund and for two days, people used social media to express their regret for an unsatisfactory experience. It took 48 hrs before VELD released an official statement via its social media platforms.

Another 18 hrs passed before a resolution was given. 

Some angry patrons amped it up a few notches online:

 The resolutiona 40% refund.

While it wasn’t as generous as the slightly larger Digital Dreams refund, it looks as though the mighty INK and their Titanic of an electronic festival may have avoided a PR catastrophe for now. However, any attempt to monopolize, was one with good intentions at best. For now, the Southern Ontario festival market (the fourth largest in North America) still remains as unpredictable and wide open as the wild wild west.

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