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LETDOWN – The Bottom – Album Review

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Thankfully, a band named LETDOWN makes music that most certainly isn’t a letdown. And for music lovers that miss the punk rock of the early millennium, LETDOWN’s sound is comparable to that from Sum 41, The Offspring, and Blink-182.

Blasting into the eardrums of audiences across Canada comes The Bottom, the second EP from Oshawa natives Matt Wilson, Jake Otto, and Ryan McMaster. Released earlier this year, The Bottom is filled with loud and energetic music, and the heavy-hitting lyrics crash unapologetically into listeners’ eardrums.

Although the tracks are rather short, each of the four songs showcases the overwhelming musical talent that Matt, Jake, and Ryan each possess. Similar to the music on their previous, and debut, EP Skin + Bones, fans can expect the typical speaker-blowing guitar and drums. However, underlying the usual punk rock sound, some influence of metal occasionally bleeds through, creating a dynamic and interesting sound.

Beginning with “Deficiency” the album explodes to life. The infectious rhythms and melodies will worm their way into your mind. And featuring oddly insightful lyrics,  “Deficiency” feel like an anthem for those who have learned to accept their shortcomings and ignore the harsh critics in the world, both external and internal. “Placement” and the title track “The Bottom” are similar to “Deficiency” in their melodies and themes, but by doing so LETDOWN created a unifying message of hope and perseverance throughout the album.

However, “I’m Not Complex, I’m Just From One” stands alone and is heavy on the punk influence. This track breaks away from the melodies featured in the others. Not without the occasional F-bomb, the lyrics are full of encouragement and wisdom. Appealing to those who work hard to better themselves and toil everyday on the road dream fulfilment, “I’m Not Complex, I’m Just From One” is a punk song that we can all relate to.

After already having completed an American tour in January and with many other dates on the horizon this year is promising to be busy for LETDOWN. Check out their social media pages for updates and live shows near you. In the meantime, be sure to listen to The Bottom.


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