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Heavy MTL 2013 – Revisited

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Heavy MTL 2013 – Revisited

Heavy MTL 2013 - Rob Zombie - Photo: Andrej Ivanov

Heavy MTL 2013 – Rob Zombie – Photo: Andrej Ivanov

The night prior to the Heavy MTL 2013, I was robbed of all my photography equipment. I quickly contacted the police, and went to the hospital to get myself checked out seeing as I was beaten up. After several gruelling hours, at the hospital and a couple of e-mails, it seemed to me that I would not be covering the Heavy MTL 2013. I went home and slept what little I had, and woke up, adrenaline a-pumpin’ and went all engines forward about my day to at least try and get some things set straight. By 5pm, I had a new phone, and was fortunate enough that one of my friends had lent me his camera. By 7:30pm, I was on site for the heavy MTL. After explaining to everyone what had happened the night before, catching up with friends, taking in every ounce of advice I could gather about what I can do, I was ready to rock. I had heard the tail-end of A Day To Remember, and I must say that for the first time in the many times I have seen them, the set was quite forgettable — No pun intended. I listened to Danzig as well, and found it unimpressive. Even the main act of the evening, Avenged Sevenfold, left me wishing for more. I still shot a couple of images and went on about my night. Slightly disappointed, I walked home with a friend and discussed the differences between this weekend and the one prior, during which the indie festival Osheaga took the city full force. I decided that the next day, I would be more of a passive observer of my surroundings rather than shooting the show so much.

The second day, I came a little wary of what was to come, started on what turned into a memorable day! I quickly realized that there were some very interesting things happening and some very interesting people there. I learned some things from watching the guys and gals who go to Heavy MTL, and I decided to create a list of 25 things I’ve learned at Heavy MTL 2013.

Note: For full enjoyment, view pictures at the same time.

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1) At heavy MTL, the girls who work for the sponsors… they’re hot!

2) It’s safe to say that the Jagger girls take the hotness factor to a whole new level

3) But really, some of them like to have fun.

4) What of the concert goers? Well they like to horse around.

5) Some of them even like to cosplay into their favourite musicians

6)Others like to dress up like movie characters.

7) And some others, well we can’t really figure out WHAT They are

8) Sometimes, the big man will set some weird rules.

9) But those rules usually will get broken… Don’t worry, no one will hold it against you!

10) Us metalheads, we sure do like to crowd surf

11) But we always keep an eye on our surroundings

12) In this year’s edition, we had some wrestling going on… They were quite ballsy guys, so to speak

13) It’s very important to know that metalheads make loving parents!

14) It’s not a crime to stick your guitar up. Actually, it’s quite appealing and strongly encouraged!

15) It’s not even a problem to stick your middle finger up! We won’t get offended.

16) We’ll always answer with our devil horns!

17) Pyrotechnics are key

18) Godsmack brings a crowd and packs a punch

19) Rob Zombie is the only man who can wear tassles and make them awesome

20) Rob Zombie and his crew are very intense, in fashion and in stares

21) You have to earn your stripes if you want to have your Jagger Swag

22) This guy’s Mohawk is the biggest thing we’ve seen since… Jupiter

23) It is very important to note that us metalheads, we know how to relax

24) We also know how to keep hydrated

25) And most important, we are the funnest and have the best of friends, who will always have our backs through thick and thin


Written and photographed by: Andrej Ivanov

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