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Danko Jones Festival D’ete De Quebec – Review

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Danko Jones Festival D’ete De Quebec – Review

Danko Jones Festival D’ete

Danko Jones Festival D’ete De Quebec – Cred: Jeff Nolan

WHO: Danko Jones 1st (Foreigner 2nd, Def Leppard 3rd)
FROM: Toronto, Ont.
WHERE: Plaines d’Abraham, Quebec City
WHEN: July 13, 2013


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STYLE: Rock N’ Roll

CROWD: Danko Jones was the first band to climb up onto the main stage and was greeted by a small crowd that grew as people filtered into the grounds. Danko, who made sure that people knew his name was not in fact Danny, made comments at several points throughout the set about how grateful he was that people showed up early to catch the band. He spoke frequently and honestly to his audience, remarking that he was as excited as they were to be seeing Foreigner and Def Leppard by telling a tale of how he used to write Def Leppard on his school bag as a kid.   Danko also gave props to guitarist Vivian Campbell from Def Leppard who is currently fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

IMAGE: As casual as could be: rocking-out in jeans and t-shirts, but appearing comfortable in more ways than one. 

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Mr. Jones, during one of his crowd interactions, proclaimed his love for rock music and spoke about looking down from the top at the people who told him he would never get anywhere with his music, and then riffled off a list of names of musicians that have left this mortal coil far too soon. Dimebag Darrell, Ronnie James Dio, Johnny Cash, Joey Ramone, Clive Burr and Randy Rhoads to name a few, then he said “I can’t believe I’m about to say this next name” before adding Jeff Hanneman to the list.

MEMORABLE SONG: “It’s A Beautiful Day” is a great song with an apt title that most defiantly reflected well on the day itself. Just a good hard rockin’ tune played by a good hard rockin’ band.

COMMENTS: After the band had completed their set, chants of “Danny, Danny” broke out, which I found rather comical.

It sure has been a long time since I first saw Danko Jones play. I remember the night well, though. The exact date is a tad fuzzy but it was in Montreal, when they opened for Andrew W.K. who was on tour supporting his debut record. I thought back then that this was a band with a lot of promise and I left the venue that night with a CD that I purchased from the man himself.

Many years later, I still get the same vibe from the band. They play rock the way it should be played: rudely. What I like to call “dirty rock n roll”, due to the guitar tone and prominent bass lines.

These guys should be at the forefront of Canadian rock, not the likes of Nickleback — but hey, who ever said life was fair, right?

Review by: Kieron Yates
Photos: Jeff Nolan

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