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Larry and His Flask @ Distortion

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Who:  Larry and his Flask
When:  June 7, 2012
Where: Distortion





Pre-show hype:  There actually was very little hype for this show. St John’s was plastered in posters, but few people who knew who the band were–unless they were lucky enough to catch them back in 2008. The folks who knew about Larry and His Flask however, were incredibly stoked to see them and spreading the good word to their friends quickly.

Crowd: By the time Larry and His Flask took to the stage, I was surprised that the bar was almost packed. Despite the lack of hype for the show, and the fact that it took place on a Thursday night, the fans had gathered, and brought several friends along with them.  As soon as they started to play, the crowd instantly sprung to their feet, feeding off of their intense energy.

Style: Punk rock-infused bluegrass with a dash of traditional folk.

Technicalities: It took a while to get the six member band set up, however, they figured out all the technical issues before they started to play. The only issue that took place was when a drunken member of the audience fell into the drum set; but that was quickly remedied as band and audience members helped put it back in place during the song.

Memorable moment: As their last song was winding down, they asked everyone to get down low with them. Everyone was kneeling on the dance floor, following the band’s request, when they said that they would count to four and then they wanted everyone to dance their asses off. They counted to four and the crowd jumped to their feet to revel in the extraordinary energy of the last song as the band wandered throughout the crowd, still playing their instruments with ease.

Sex appeal: All band members have fantastic hair, most of them have awesome beards to match. They also have shirts that say “free beard ride.” I think that’s a pretty appealing offer.

Mentionable song: Ebb and Flow. They had everyone singing along by the end of the song, and the crowd could be heard above the band, I love when that happens.

Total rank: 10/10. Other than the drums falling over at one point, the whole performance was flawless. It’s amazing how these talented people can just switch effortlessly between instruments, and all this during the songs!

By: Christa Cram


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