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The Beauties – live review

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the beauties

The Beauties

The Beauties – Dirty, Raw, and Canadian October 23, 2011 By Urszula Dobrowolska

To find a site that is the very essence of the Toronto music scene, that is separate from the club district infiltrated by out-of-towners, and the pub scene crawling with belligerent college kids, you need to head west and avoid Friday and Saturday nights at all costs.

At a small underground bar on the corner of Ossington and Dundas, there is a completely different perspective on the Sunday Night. The small hole-in-the-wall bar, The Dakota Tavern, is crowded with all walks of Toronto life: the suits, the hipsters, the retired, the college kids, all there to see the Canadian, bluegrass band, The Beauties.

What happens once the music begins to play is a scene straight out of a country western flick; the raw, grungy, sounds pouring through the air send the crowd on a frenzy of raunchy jiving and grinding, while the band hymns out Aint nobody gonna love you like the devil do.
The sweat of the crowd filling the entire wood-paneled room, and the beer spilling on the floor is what The Beauties are all about; one cannot help feeling like they are in a back-wood barn when the music begins to play. This indie Canadian band has seen a lot of exposure since they were formed in 2006, but they have not lost their roots and appreciation for playing an amazing show.

Passion and sweat drips from them in every note as they go-all-or-nothing, and as a result every night Sunday night ends with the crowd demanding an encore. I have yet to find a single, Toronto soul that is not lured to the Dakota Tavern on Sunday Nights like a moth to a flame, as The Beauties dark, and sexually charged bluegrass beckons them to come down the tumultuous tavern steps.

By Urszula Dobrowolska


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