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CMW 2015 Chronicles, May 7th by Raya Morrison

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CMW 2015 - The Bovine

All roads lead to Bovine…

Thursday is definitely a new Friday in Toronto. After taking a few days easy to recuperate I was ready for a planned out, chill evening at the Dine Alone Records anniversary event at the Horseshoe Tavern. Upon arrival at 11pm however, I saw a long line-up, and the wait, it was said was around half an hour. All for Monster Truck? Or the bands before them? The wristband was obviously useless, so I said ‘Fuck it!’ and started walking west on Queen St. Soon after, I saw that I was not the only one who made that decision.

Cameron House was hosting something very country, so I moved along. Passing by The Hideout, I saw members of A Primitive Evolution inside, so I decided to pop in and say ‘Hi’. Soon, what started out as a sot and a game of pinball turned into a drinkfest with the owner. The bands playing were mildly unimpressive, so they didn’t take away from the drinking. I could have stayed there for the night, but I had a thirst for adventure.

Next stop was the Bovine. I was just in time to catch the last band of the night – Fat White Family. As I was entering, I was informed that Sean Lennon was in the audience. He was indeed sitting in the corner by the bar, digging the band. Fat White Family were the perfect choice for 2am – they were just right amount of fucked up, raw and psychedelic. Their half-naked singer was swinging from the pipes around the stage and the people there were only happy to cheer him on. As they finished their set, Sean Lennon disappeared and Bovine became one crazy booze-induced party. People were making out, looking for drugs or, apparently, getting blowjobs in bathrooms. It felt like the party would never end; for some people it didn’t, as the strongest ones gathered for an after party. Knowing I had to endure at least two more days of the festival, I Ubered it home.

In conclusion of this little ode to debauchery, I would like to point out, that one of the best things about festivals like CMW, is that you never know who you’re gonna meet. If you are in the music business, this means potential connections, if you’re a music enthusiast – you can fangirl/boy over a celebrity for a few minutes (just don’t scare them off). Either way, you will come out with some stories to tell your grand kids.

Written by Raya P Morrison

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