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Time for Jihad!

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I am pretty sure all of you popped in to see what I wrote just based on the title itself. Yeah here we go!  I walked into Islam awareness booth at Memorial University of Newfoundland  today. It wasn’t all too new for me. I grew up in a Buddhist majority country amidst Muslims, Hindus and Christians and had pretty good knowledge on world religions. However it was fun getting to know new things.

After being in N.L for over 6 months, i do realize there is a lack of knowledge on religions and countries amongst people. (But still nothing can beat Newfie hospitality for foreigners at the same time!) Probably the best ones happen to me when i meet up with some hot girl in a bar and after chatting for  few moments she goes “WOW! you speak such good English”. I’ll freeze after that comment, wondering what to do. “Sweetheart, I am Indian and I am from Singapore. The British ruled both these countries for nearly three hundred years and i would have learned a little bit of English from them.” Sometimes I had people asking me about what happens in Saudi Arabia.  Sure bud, I know a lot about Saudi Arabia! The king and I used to play Camel soccer in Sahara desert but damn, Ahmajinedad always wins! Damn those Iranians! I gotta tell my veil-wearing mom to stop making curry when he comes over to my hut. Well maybe I am complaining too much or being overly sensitive. I was talking to my Nigerian friend about this one day. He said “Dude stop complaining! somebody asked me if was a former child soldier”.

Well the moral of story is, lets get to know different people. This is Newfoundland, where no one is a stranger. Take a ride on the bus and some random person will be talking to you about the crappy weather, the party scene in downtown or probably cursing Harper (sorry can’t help it). Get to know people, ask questions, pop into some cultural events organized by Asians, Indians or Africans.  Trust me, you’ll realize that somehow somewhere we all have a lot of similarities. The world is a simple place made complicated by close minded human beings. Lets have fun getting to know people. Cheers!


By: Kumar Vinoth