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The Point

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The Point


What was the point of that one kiss then
When it is empty and meaningless now


What is the difference between life and death
When you would never know one ends or begins


What is the point of beauty when it fades into dust filled air
The rose will always die in a slow and painful death
Each petal falls from its proper place
It once belonged and was loved
But only for a short time
Then it is forgotten
And no one remembers its name


People are a complex situation
Each of their drama-filled lives
Is what makes them whole
They create something small to be a lot more than what it is
To feel like they have significance
When they really don’t


Is there someone who cares?
Cares enough to listen to absurd ideas, tears of foolishness
Implications of their own conflicts
Does a higher power truly mean the word “unconditional.”
When we are all suppose to be for him
Yet caught up in our own movie-lives where we Star


The age old question still remains
No explanation of the true meaning shows itself
The importance of life may not be as important as we hoped
As we lived for
As we have loved


What remains is what we all wonder
And why we are all here
The greatest word we all have and will continue to endure
Is the


By: Priscilla Siu