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Crissi Cochrane – Pretty Alright (2011)

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Artist: Crissi Cochrane – Album Review

Album: Pretty Alright (2011)
Genre: Folk/Acoustic
Influences: Jenn Grant, Mike Kinsella, Meaghan Smith, Jill Barber, Catherine MacLellan, Hannah Georgas, Rose Cousins, Michou, Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Harmer


Track Listing:

  1. I Won’t Try To Break Your Heart
  2. Go
  3. Drive All Night
  4. Never Will
  5. Fine
  6. The Needle

Pretty Alright is Crissi Cochrane’s first musical offering since departing good ol’ Halifax, Nova Scotia. The six-song EP, a follow-up to her album Darling, Darling (2010), was recorded at her new home in Windsor, Ontario. “I Won’t Try To Break Your Heart” starts off the album with an upbeat kick. It’s a bit of a departure from her usual girl vs. guitar sound, as it adds in some percussion and brass.  However it shows off her immense talent and ability to branch out and try new sounds in her music. The rest of the album sticks to a more acoustic-y feel, with a little bit of electric guitar here and there. I really enjoy the feeling of intimacy this EP exudes. It’s almost as though you’re sitting with Crissi as she sings about her life and the things that mean the most to her. Pretty Alright is an extension of her already beautiful song writing ability. If you’re already a fan of Crissi, this album will not disappoint. And if her name is one you’ve never heard before, this album is a great representation of just how talented she is. You will not be disappointed.

The Good: Her music never fails to put a smile on my face. Lyrics are simple, clever and super effective. My favorite track would have to be “Fine.” The melodies, chords and lyrics are beautiful.

The Bad: I would have liked to hear more full band tracks throughout the album. Although not necessary, because the songs sounds marvelous with just her and her guitar!

The Ugly: Nothing ugly to say about this EP. So instead check out her facebook page here: You can also purchase her music on itunes or through her website at

Check out Crissi’s music video for “I Won’t Try To Break Your Heart” here!:


By: Shayla Miller