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Jungle Jim's

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Jungle Jim’s – Various locations throughout the province. (
Style: Casual Dining
Price: $15 – $50
Rating: 3 out of 5



Jungle Jim’s is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and the province as a whole. With locations all over Atlantic Canada, in Alberta, and even in the state of Virginia, Jungle Jim’s is a casual eatery with a broad clientele. It is both a bar and grill for socializing and a family friendly establishment. It is the kind of place that aims to please and they have something on the menu for just about every taste. Decor wise it’s a cross between a South Pacific island theme and a sports bar, there are tiki torches, bamboo, and tribal masks as well as beer insignias and giant flat screen T.V’s throughout. The waitstaff are referred to as “tour guides” and dress in cargo shorts and tees year round. The vibe is relaxed and causal. It’s a good place to start a night, or end one with a late night snack, if you happen to be at the wildly popular George St. location that is open late on the weekends.

The menu at Jungle Jim’s is positively massive with plenty of Appetizers, Sandwiches, Burgers, Vegetarian Dishes, Steaks, Chicken and Ribs, Pasta, and Tex-Mex.Their appetizers are for the most part very well done. Jim’s Famous Buffalo Wings, Super Super Nachos,Crocodile Skins (potato skins), and Chicken Taquitos are extremely popular with patrons looking for just a snack or a starter to share with friends.These menu items are an integral part of Wild Wacky Wing Night, a popular weekly promotion where all you can eat appetizers and beer specials are served up every Wednesday night. The best known appetizer of all at Jungle Jim’s is their Kitchen Sink, it’s essentially all of the appetizers served up in a huge metal sink style tray. It’s a fine snack for a crowd and an all out feast for two.They also offer the Bathroom Sink, an individual version.

The main dishes at Jungle Jim’s are varied and wide ranging in tastes. Portions for all are very generous. Most meals come with the option of Fries, Baked Potato, Rice, or Pasta Salad. Their fries are great and they have both straight cut and waffle varieties. Of all the menu options at Jungle Jim’s, their Tex-Mex is some of their best food. Jungle Fajitas are available in Chicken, Beef, and Veggie varieties and come out sizzling with enough to share among two people easily. The Mexi-Combo is made up of three popular appetizers, Nachos, Wings, and Chicken Taquitos. It’s a great meal if you’re in a snack mood and want a little of everything. Try the Taquitos barbequed, it really compliments the flavors and is the best way to have them. Another favorite is their Jungle Cheese Steak. An open faced sandwich, it features grilled Steak with Onions, Peppers, and a blend of Cheese on a Garlic Baggette with your choice of side. It’s a satisfying take on the classic cheese steak, a hearty meal when you’re good and hungry, like many of the meals at Jungle Jim’s.

There is plenty to wash down all that food with too. Jungle Jim’s is known for its large menu of exotic elixirs. They’re best known for their Jumbo Hurricane, a drink so huge you have to see it to believe it, just one and you’re good for the night. It’s a very tasty blend of three rums and juices that is sweet without being sickly. Not to worry though, there are many more normal sized drinks, but they all pack a powerful punch. There’s loads of beer by the bottle and on tap as well for those with simpler thirsts. Grab a Normie, Jungle Jim’s draft in a 20 oz. mug. With all that eating and drinking if you still have room, there are some tantalizing desserts available. The best known of these is Jim’s Chimi-Cheesecake, a decadent dessert of cheesecake rolled inside tortillas and fried up, serve with Whipped Cream and Syrup for dipping. Turtle Cheesecake is another favorite, a rich Toffee,Chocolate Syrup and Oreo crumb laced confection. There’s plenty of options to choose from for any sweet tooth.

In parting, Jungle Jim’s is a good middle of the road kind of dining establishment. It is definitely a good place for a crowd, be it family of friends. Their service is prompt and the servers friendly and enthusiastic. While some people are not fans of their pub grub food and fun loving sports bar atmosphere, they are very good at what they do and it’s easy to see why it is such a popular restaurant. If you’re looking a hearty casual meal with a crowd on an evening out at a decent price, Jungle Jim’s is a good place to start.

By: Vanessa Wade