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If only ten hours of the conventional work week are actually productive, then why are we all still at forty plus hours a week? Would the world end if some paper work was not filed in some central bureaucracy? What about everything being open 24/7/365? Is it really necessary? We have less and less time to ourselves at a time when we really would be benefiting from it, but instead we are chained to our work station, wherever it may be.

Of course there is a need for work and things must go on and be done, but filling up spare time with busywork is not at all productive. It’s like we are expected to do this, we have to, there is no other choice, and so our resolve wears down. Our passion for other things in life disintegrates and our goals go unmet, be they humble or ambitious.

We dream of some distant future in our twilight years instead of living in each and every moment, the real meaning of life that people always seem to forget. We are at the mercy of conventional contemporary life where living on your own terms seems suspect. We are feeling anxiety, panic and pressure all the while being constantly bombarded with alot of things that really don’t matter.

I’m not saying everyone should quit work right now and have some “Do What You Feel” Festival like on “The Simpsons”, but it makes sense to stop and take stock of life sometimes, to think about the kind of work you want to do and life you wish to lead.

We all value different things, but there is no denying that living someone else’s dreams of what you’re supposed to do is soul crushing. Pretty soon there is little room left for anything else.

By:Vanessa Wade