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Those Lasers VS The Citizen April.25th @ The Levee

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When: Wed,April.25th
Where: The Levee
Time: 10:00
Cover: $5






With exams and classes finally over and after a three month hiatus Those Lasers are returning for their first show back, so get your dancing shoes and drinking pants out and get ready to dance and party all the time because it’s summer.

Well folks we have a great match up for you April.25th @ The Levee.

In the red trunks, weighing in at a party and a half:

Voted The Scope’s Best New Band in 2011

Those Lasers

In the blue corner, packing quite the right hook:

The Citizen

Opening act: Adrian House & The Connexions

Starts: 10:00 pm
Cover: $5

If you’ve ever thought of a time when those lasers would compete against other bands, in hopes of winning some recording time. Then folks, this is that time, and all your dreams are going to come true. Perhaps even a couple of our own. So, as they say…..Let’s Get Ready To Rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….