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Brian Dettmer

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As a Graphic Designer, I’m always on the look out different forms of art that catch my eye. Today I’ve come across the works of Brian Dettmer. Using tweezers, knives, and surgical tools, Dettmer fashions beautiful pieces of art out of out-of-date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books, and dictionaries. He maneuvers the spines to form the shape of his sculptures and then folds, bends, and rolls the pages to get the desired look he’s trying to create. Nothing is ever added into the books, only taken away with his array of surgical tools. He also stacks multiple books on top of each other to create completely original sculptural forms.

I think it’s a very unique form of art and it gives these old books new life. I can only imagine the time and dedication it takes to create something so precise. It gives me a whole new appreciation for books. These sculptures are definitely worth looking at.

You can check the out here:

By: Shayla Miller