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Mel's – Biography

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Mel is a free spirit and a die-hard currently based in St. John`s. Born and raised in Germany, she has traveled Europe and just couldn`t get enough. A
few years ago she decided to set out to conquer the world. After spending 2
fabulous years up north in the Yukon she hit the road to drive across the
country. She ended up in St. John`s mainly because it was at the end of the
road. Impressed by the great people here and the variety of the local music
scene she decided to stick around.

Mel has a keen interest in music. Coming from a music scene that
involved EBM, Industrial and Rockabilly, she felt in Canada now and again like
a fish out of water. It didn`t take her long to adjust to the local music scene
though. You will most likely find her at a show somewhere in town.

For quite some years Mel did marketing and sales for STIHL chainsaws. She
was involved in projects like the implementation of sales campaigns and posters
that could be seen on billboards all over Germany. Now it’s time for her to get
back to these roots and bring her experience to THE SCENE.

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