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I am Ozzy – book review

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I am Ozzy

I am Ozzy

Written by: Ozzy Osbourne with Chris Ayres
Published by: Grand Central Publishing 2009

From the moment I saw this amazing book in the local HMV I couldnt help myself and no matter the fact that it was hard cover I read the jacket and just had to read it, I mean to read a book that Ozzy Osbourne wrote. WOW!! I mean this just had to be interesting.

This book is written in the cold hard truth that fans of Ozzy have come to love, with the help of his family and friends he brings you into his life right back from his early childhood growing up in the UK, up till the book was finished. Its a roller coaster ride of everything you ever wanted to know about Ozzy and other things that will surprise even the most diehard fan.

For myself, I finished the book in less than a week. I just couldnt put it down. As each chapter unfolded I was floored with the life hes lived, to be a fledging artist right when the Beetles had taken off, to his first gig in Los Angles, to fessing up to “yes I accidentally bit the head off a bat once”. Its simply an amazing piece of honest work, probably the most honest biography I have ever read.

I walked away from this book having a great admiration for the artist that I always found the most interesting. From the first time I heard Black Sabbath I knew there was much more to Ozzy than meets the eye and you’ll find the answers in “I AM OZZY”


by: Lola Sutton

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