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Familiar Wild – We Better Run – Single Review

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Not often does a band’s name and their music seem to have so much in common. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Familiar Wild is inspired by the well-known, yet sometimes threatening, urban environment of the cities that have cut a swath through the lush and tempestuous landscapes surrounding their region. Recognizing that surviving in the urban labyrinth is often akin to surviving in the dense forests, Familiar Wild’s music captures the melodies of the wild and brings them forth into civilization.

This interweaving of environments is in the forefront of the latest single “We Better Run”. The track is just a taste of what audiences can expect on the upcoming album Things We Forgetset for release this fall.

Feeling like you are slowly stalking along the hot and heavy sidewalks of a city, “We Better Run” begins subtly with soft pulsating electronic rhythms. The song then morphs into a vocal and electronic effect, reminiscent of blaring sirens wailing past. The lyrics then begin with the unsettling “We better run / We better run / From this city on the hunt” and suddenly the urban landscape feels dangerous and intimidating. The increase in the beat feels like it’s on the verge of breaking into an all out run, and audiences may feel themselves on edge, awaiting the bursting climax of the song. But Familiar Wild keeps it going with an entrancing rhythm and melody, slowly mesmerizing and lulling listeners into a false sense of safety. Then when the song abruptly ends, listeners are left with a slight feeling of apprehension, not wanting to breath or move, just in case.

“We Better Run” comes out on June 12, and if it is just a preview of what audiences can expect from Familiar Wild’s upcoming album then listeners should be very excited to hear what awaits on Things We Forget.

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