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Vin DiCarlo – Attract Women Eye Contact

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Vin DiCarlo is an expert provider of dating advice for men. He has had hundreds of published articles and videos. Vin became the first man alive to discover the 8 different types of women (a find certified by a top Harvard Ph.D psychologist, using mental-technology verified and used by Bank of America, Yale University, the US Army & Navy, among many others.) With the help of professors, scientists, and thousands of volunteer women, he has developed several dating systems to help men better understand themselves, women, and the world  around them.


I want to share with you the secrets of attracting women with eye contact. How can you use this as a powerful laser-like force in attracting women?

How can this be the center of your whole “game” and how can you use it to get results?

Well, what I want to talk about is a bit of an interesting theory about getting good with girls. And the example I want to give is when you learned to walk. Did anyone teach you? Did you read a book on it? Did anyone show you how?

Let’s break down how you learned to walk.

What you did was you gave it a go. You had some instincts inside you that kind of indicated that walking was a natural thing for you to do. This is the secret to learning how to attract women with just eye contact.

You started off crawling and then you took a couple steps and you fell over, but what you did was you kept trying. When you fell over you didn’t beat yourself up, you didn’t get down on yourself, and you just accepted that as a very normal process. You were very focused on walking and you weren’t going to stop attempting to walk until you had mastered it.

Why is this applicable to help you with girls? Well, when it comes to attracting women with your eyes, if you’re confident and relaxed and comfortable in your own skin, you’re going to be fantastic.

Much like learning to walk no-one needs to teach you how to attract women with eye contact — it’s already inside you just waiting to come out. You don’t need to be taught it.

So, the same with talking. No one needed to show you how to talk. You just need that right mindset for learning.

Make it natural for you to be able to do it. Instead of trying to learn how to do it and having rules and having someone teach you, I want you to tap into your natural learning centers. The same ones that helped you learn how to walk.

This is where you explore and discover things. Where you have fun and experiment. You fail and you learn from it. You make mistakes and you enjoy that process.

This is how you get good with girls. Just try it and do it.

Subtle at first like a crawl and when you’re ready to walk and run pour on the intensity.  Make sure she reciprocates the crawl before you turn on the heat, otherwise you’ll look like a pervert.

Don’t get weird about it,  make is seem natural. After you pretend to make it natural your body will learn how to actually make it natural.

What I encourage you to do is to trust in yourself a little bit more and back yourself that you can do it. Just like learning to walk, you can get good with women.

You can become fantastic at attracting women and picking them up.  Attracting women with eye contact is one tool you’ll need.

It’s just something you need to activate within yourself by having a really good approach to tapping into yourself.

Your Friend,

- Vin DiCarlo

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