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Fan jams on stage with Mac DeMarco at Wayhome

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Fan jams on stage with Mac DeMarco at Wayhome

Dreams do come true and it’s true what they say about luck, it’s only possible when preparation meets opportunity.   No one at Wayhome 2016 was more prepared for an opportunity than hard core Mac DeMarco fan Gabriel Baldassarre of Woodbridge ON Friday night.  

The 25 year old who plays guitar just for fun, has been a huge Mac DeMarco fan since 2013.  He told The Scene that DeMarco’s music is “unlike anything I’ve ever listened to and it really inspired me to learn my instruments better.”  Baldassarre, arrived early at the Waybold stage armed with countless hours of practice of DeMarco’s work and a sign that read “ANDY! May I play Ode to Viceroy?” (meant for Mac’s backup guitarist Andrew Charles White). The rest of what happened can be seen in the video below and a first hand account from a Reddit discussion with Baldassarre who said  “It felt like a dream”.

Discussion with Gabriel Baldassarre who played with MacDemarco at Wayhome 2016

Gabriel Baldassarre on instagram @gabriel_baldassarre


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