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Canadian Music has new presenting sponsors

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MedReleaf and Amsterdam Brewery have partnered to become presenting sponsors of Canadian Music Week. MedReleaf however will not be using the opportunity to market cannabis but will instead be marketing their new Pale Ale San Rafael ’71.

What exactly is San Rafael ’71? Well it does not contain any cannabis, is brewed with an alcohol content of 4.20%, is designed as a marketing strategy for MedReleaf and brewed by Amsterdam Brewery.

“Canadian Music Week is an iconic event and a perfect fit for San Rafael ’71, a brand that values authenticity, quality and unpretentious good times,” noted Darren Karasiuk, VP Strategy at MedReleaf.

The name comes from a group of friends from the San Francisco Bay area who identify themselves as “The Waldos”. Steve Capper, Larry Schwartz, Jeff Noel and Dave Reddix were only high school kids in 1971 when they came up with the term 420. They used the code 420 to identify a plan they had to find a Marijuana grow op they had heard about and to keep the truth about what they were doing from their parents. The grow op was never found but when The Grateful Dead caught wind of it, the term became synonymous with cannabis use.

MedReleaf released a report last year that projected 35,000 kilograms in sales of medical marijuana by the end of 2018. It’s doubtful you’ll find any for sale during CMW as the Government has waited until July to roll out it’s Ontario weed sales platform known as the Ontario Cannabis Store. However, we’re sure you’ll be able to find an ice cold San Rafael ’71 lying around somewhere on your journey through the festival.

Canadian Music Week takes place May 7 – 13, 2018 in downtown Toronto.

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