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Cerebral Ballzy- Lee’s Palace – CMW 2014

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Cerebral Ballzy – Lee’s Palace – CMW 2014

Cred: Stephanie Tran

Cred: Stephanie Tran

Who: Cerebral Ballzy
From: Brooklyn, New York
Where: Lee’s Palace
When: Saturday May 10, Midnight


Style: Bare-bones hardcore punk rock from Brooklyn with songs that seem to be about skateboarding, girls, and not doing what you’re told. This usually either just works or it doesn’t, and for Cerebral Ballzy it does. Their intensity grew as the set went along, and while they started off with a smooth Ramones-like groove, by the end they were as rough and extreme as Converge. Banter was short and to the point, and the band clearly fed off a crowd that was getting more revved up with each track.

The Crowd: The buzz going around the venue was much bigger for this Brooklyn hardcore combo than main headliner OFF!, and the room finally reached packed status right before their arrival. Once Cerebral Ballzy hit the stage the pit went off and a few daring young men even risked colliding with vocalist Honor Titus on their way to a sketchy stage dive.

Technicalities: The band kept demanding that their monitor mixes be turned up. They were probably right, for hardcore it was a pretty quiet mix.

Sex Appeal/Image: Dirty enough to be punks and clean enough to be hipsters. It’s actually very difficult to pull off an energetic set while looking like you don’t care about doing it. It’s often a trademark of great punk bands, and this is certainly one of them.

Memorable Song/Moment: Any song where vocalist Honor Titus announced was “about skateboarding”.

Review: Andrew Epstein
Photos: Stephanie Tran
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