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Chris Lake Spreads the Love at Uniun Nightclub on Valentine’s Day


Chris Lake delivers a memorable extended set on Valentine’s Day for Factory Fridays at Uniun Nightclub

Chris Lake

This past ‘Factory Fridays’ at Uniun took place on Valentine’s Day — love was in the air with heart-shaped kandi necklaces being swapped with one another, people pairing up on the dance floor, and the occasional couple sharing a kiss. Regardless of whatever reason you chose to attend that evening, one thing was certain — Chris Lake knew how to throw a party and made it a night to remember.

As the third Canadian stop of his ‘Helium’ Tour, Chris played an extended set throughout the night, with resident DJs Manzone & Strong as the openers. At around 1am, Fab Strong helped welcome Chris to the main stage, with a packed room awaiting him. From the get-go, he brought the venue to life, getting everybody moving to tracks such as his own “Sundown”, the Chocolate Puma Remix of GotSome ft. The Get Along Gang’s “Bassline”, and Mercer and DJ Snake’s “Lunatic”. However, the place didn’t fully come alive until he played “Boneless”, a collaboration between himself, Steve Aoki and Tujamo, which was deftly followed by a remix of “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Following the announcement of an extended set, Chris switched things up from deep house to more electro-house and Big Room tracks, with his own song “Ohh Shhh”, as well as Deorro’s “Yee” and Sander van Doorn’s “Joyenergizer.” The energy was building as Chris interacted  and connected with the crowd, throwing his hands in the air frequently, clapping and at times singing along and dancing behind the decks. Fans were even more so delighted when he took the time to shake all the hands reaching towards him and to pose for any pictures or videos being taken of him. He was even willing to pose for a picture with one brave soul who climbed on stage and leaned over the DJ booth!

As the night progressed and it entered the early hours of 3 am, the crowd began to thin out. Instead of signifying the energy dying out, it made room for those who were aiming to keep dancing as long as Chris was up in the DJ booth. He kept everybody going well past 4 in the morning, after which Fab Strong came back on the decks and spun some deep house for those who stuck around even after Chris’ set.

Chris Lake helped bring the heat to a cold mid-February night, and Toronto will no doubt give him a warm welcome back the next time he decides to visit and treat us with another stellar performance!

By: Christian Kwamie