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Chris Wirsig – The 13 Crystal Skulls – Album Review

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Chris Wirsig - May 2016 - 1

California composer Chris Wirsig’s latest instrumental release The 13 Crystal Skulls is as ominous as it is sonically intriguing. In collaboration with no:carrier, the LP was inspired by the notorious legend of the crystal skulls and highlights Mesoamerican themes.

“I’m overwhelmed by the great reactions to the songs,” Wirsig says. “And happy that in our hectic lives people still take time to listen to this kind of music and let their own images and emotions be created by the sounds.”

Released earlier this year on May 13, the record breeds an electronic/industrial vibe with an ancient heart, resulting in a sound that is absolutely menacing. The cinematic atmosphere Chris Wirsig has created with these 13-tracks constantly drifts from dream to nightmare on a rollercoaster of sensuality.



1) Overture
2) Ghosts Of The Aztecs
3) The Cave
4) Ceremony In Tenochtitlan
5) Carved Legend
6) Watching Eyes
7) The Shaman’s Lore
8) Refraction
9) On The Hills
10) Excavation
11) Ghosts Of The Maya
12) Through The Ages
13) The Lost Artifact [sic]

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