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CMW 2013 Live Review – Rend


CMW 2013 Live Review – Rend

CMW Rend - Cred: Tom Kato

CMW Rend – Cred: Tom Kato


Total Score: 9/10

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Who: Rend
From: Edmonton, AB
Where: Clinton’s Tavern – Toronto, ON
When: Friday, March 22th, 2013 8pm


The Crowd: Clinton’s is not a popular place, so I have no idea why all the great bands were put there. The 10 people who where there were having a blast.
Style: Bif Naked meets Lacuna Coil meets Alice in Videoland. Something to dance to, something to sing along to and basically every girl’s dream band. Carol-Lynne’s vocals are breathtaking + intelligent keyboards.


Technicalities: Non were detected.

Memorable Song/Moment: When Carol-Lynne stood up on the bass drum facing the drummer with the guitar and bass players right behind her, slowly building up the momentum and then jumping of with a twist and a scream! And the epic finale.

Sex Appeal/Image: Carol-Lynne is a cute firecracker of a  pixie, with a style to match. The boys are good-looking, too.


Review By: Raya P
Photos: Tom Kato