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CMW 2013 Live Review – Yuichiro Tokuda's RALYZZDIG

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CMW 2013 Live Review — Yuichiro Tokuda’s RALYZZDIG

CMW Yuichiro Tokuda - Cred: Darrell Shelley

CMW Yuichiro Tokuda – Cred: Darrell Shelley


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Who: Yuichiro Tokuda’s RALYZZDIG
From: Chiba, Japan
Where: The Courthouse – Toronto, ON
When: Friday March 22, 2013 — 11pm

Crowd: The crowd picked up significantly just moments before RALYDDDIG’s set.  About 80 more people entered the room and The Courthouse looked half full for the first time that night.

 Style: Modern Jazz – John Coltrane meets Mahavishnu Orchestra

Sex Appeal/image: A very polite and dignified group of Japanese Jazz wizards.

Memorable song/moment: “Nothing There” is the final track from Yuichiro’s latest album Crossing Colors.   The song starts off with some intense John Mclaughlin style guitar fuzz from guitarist Naoto Suzuki which breaks into a melody that is doubled by Yuichiro.     The crowd immediately took notice when Yuichiro Tokuda’s RALYZZDIG broke into this track.   I heard someone yell “Ohhh YEAH!” and a few more in the back who were talking immediately stopped and turned their attention towards the stage.

Technicalities: Brilliant sound and lighting.

Comments: Yuichiro Tokuda and his band RALYZZDIG are professional musicians in every sense of the word.  Yuichiro is a Berkley College Of Music graduate and each member of the team is a top notch world class performer. This is the dream team back up band for any producer or engineer.  All of their songs are meticulously crafted, fine tuned and well rehearsed.   Their tone and dynamics are second to none. In my 20 years of musical passion and studies I’ve rarely heard anything quite like it.    Any modern Jazz fan who missed this band missed the best performance of the festival.

Review and photos by: Darrell Shelley