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Cocksure Lads Make A Surprise Appearance at TIFF

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Cocksure Lads Make A Surprise Appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival

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September 7, 2013 (Toronto, ON) — TIFF attendees arriving at the Founder’s Luncheon at Barberian’s Steakhouse were greeted by a rousing performance from two of the original Cocksure Lads this afternoon. Their pop-up performances will continue throughout the Festival.

Murray Foster, a member of two legendary Canadian bands (Moxy Fruvous and Great Big Sea), and Mike Ford (also of Moxy Fruvous) performed a variety of songs from their album The Greatest Hits of the Cocksure Lads.

Although to two perform as part of a live Cocksure Lads band, they were at Barberian’s to promote Foster’s upcoming film The Cocksure Lads Movie which is scheduled to begin production in the Spring of 2014. In the film, the band is played by a variety of talented up-and-coming actors. The film also features appearances by musician Lights and Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle.

Foster is the writer-director of the film and brings a twenty-year career in the arts to the project. He has written and directed several short films, including The Picture, which premiered at the Hamilton Film Festival in 2012. He is currently managing a self-run crowdfunding campaign for the The Cocksure Lads Movie which offers backers rewards like recording a song with the band, backstage passes to a Great Big Sea show, and postcards from his next trip on the road.

Joining Foster on the project is Executive Producer Avi Federgreen. His twenty years of experience in the Canadian film industry includes everything from music videos to television to full-length feature films. His feature One Week, written and directed by Michael McGowan, was named Best Canadian Film in the 2008 Calgary and Edmonton film fests.


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