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Yan Markson



Comedy, is magic. I believe that. And what I believe, Scenesters, matters.

Because I am valued as a human being. I am loved. I am capable of giving love and receiving it. And I am surrounded by warmth & serenity. My cocoon is a healing oven of friendship, that bakes me in the strengthening glow of compassion, self value and light…

Whoa, OK – I’m sorry about that. Went a little off the rails there. I’ve been seeing this new shrink and – anyways, doesn’t matter.

If comedy is magic, then surely MAGIC can lend itself to comedy? Yup! 

We’ve covered it here before, but Magic & Comedy intermingling is a cross-over premise as age old as that cross-over episode of Family Matters where Uncle Phil (R.I.P) showed up and bear-hugged Carl Winslow! Buuuuut because it’s such a different animal, it’s uncharted territory for a lot of Toronto crowds. And maybe, you’re a bit shy? Well that’s why we’re here! To guide you into the wilderness, like a fearless scoutmaster (*gulp)

Toronto Mentalist/Magician Yan Markson takes the stage tonight at Littly Italy’s “MONARCH TAVERN” (12 Clinton Street, just off College) Google it! 

What’s in the cards? (See what I did there...) whelp, a night of mind reading, magic & feats of the unexplained to be sure. And yes, there’s sure to be some banter, and a heckuva lot of crowd play. Let yourself be played with, crowd. Get into it. DRINK THE ABSINTHE!! 

And serving up the comedy portion, straight – no chaser, Yan’s joined by local standups Allen Yiu & J.J Liberman (the latter known on the scene as a balls-out lightning show of manic energy. A comic unhinged)  

Are “tricks” really something a whore does for money, as the great American illusionist Gob Bluth once observed? Perhaps. Perhaps not. 

Tickets are just $10 at the door, but advanced seats are recommened (they’re moving fast, like a swift Canadian punch to Houdini’s abdomen! “The Montreal Stunner” as it’s commonly known) 

And, for your ease of access, the link is right HERE!



Comedy, Magic, Mind Games! 

LIVE @ The Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton Street)

9pm (doors at 8)





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