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Da-Wolf and Rheem – Spring Heat – Album Review

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For fans of the EPs D.O.P.E. and Illustrated The EP, the feisty rapper Da-Wolf is back and badder than ever. Teaming up with American hip hop and rap artist Rheem, Da-Wolf has just dropped her latest EP Spring Heat, and once again proves to audiences that rap is alive and well.

Produced by Mean SK, Spring Heat features three epic tracks plus two bonus tracks. In Spring Heat it seems that Da-Wolf’s music is a bit more polished and refined. And by pitting her awesome raps against Rheem’s, Da-Wolf isn’t shy about challenging the world of rap music.

Boldly proclaiming that she’s “just barely gettin’ started” in the opening track, Da-Wolf’s sparky attitude fits perfectly with the twangy guitar sound and killer beats. Rheem comes in half way through the track with his powerful and aggressive voice and lyrics, and is the perfect contrast to Da-Wolf’s. The track ends with Da-Wolf’s repetition of the chorus, and as the final bass beat pounds through the speakers, audiences will be eager to hear what Da-Wolf has warmed them up for.

Enter “Clash” and the orchestral string loop intro that is sure to through off listeners. Yet, in its own right, the intro has an unusual epic feel to it. Unusual in that Mean SK, Da-Wolf, and Rheem crossed the boundaries of musical genres in order to create something new, something sophisticated. And as the intro music fades into the background, given some sick beats, “Clash” evolves into a badass track without equal. Sure in his lyrics, Rheem challenges authority, which isn’t something new to rap, but if you listen closely, the mention of X-men, Wolverine, X-manor, and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters are very clear. Then there is Da-Wolf’s amazing lines and her allusions to X-Men’s Storm and Marvel’s fictitious African nation of Wakanda. Fans of Da-Wolf’s references to geek and nerd culture are sure to love “Clash”.

Spring Heat finishes off at the other end of the spectrum with the very real “Warning Shots”. The song features some very typical rap and hip hop elements, but it is Da-Wolf and Rheem’s challenge to the  music industry, and the world in general, that make this track super exciting. Clearly, Da-Wolf is a force that won’t let anything stand in her way.

Samantha Stevens