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Dan Bejar (Destroyer) at St. Alban's Church – Ottawa Live Review

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Dan Bejar (Destroyer) at St. Alban’s Church – Ottawa Live Review

Who: Dan Bejar (Destroyer)
From: Vancouver, BC
Where: St. Alban’s Church, Ottawa
When: February 6th, 2014

Total Score: 7.5/10


Style: Acoustic indie folk.

Crowd: Being held in a church, the crowd was tame and the majority was seated. This only added to the atmosphere of the performance; calm melodies emphasized by the beautiful acoustics of St. Alban’s. The show sold out and it was obvious — many people were forced to stand around the pews to enjoy.

Technicalities: Bejar began his set with “My Favourite Year”, a song filled with romantic guitar chords and silky vocals. His voice was exceptionally striking — Bejar knows precisely when to sing in a soft, romantic tone and when to alter it into a huskier, more intense voice. He does the same thing with his instrumentals; Bejar displayed his variety of musical ability and taste through a mixture of melancholy jams and edgy, power-chord heavy tracks.

Image: Bejar’s laid-back persona was perfect for the gorgeous church setting. He seems to be a very casual person, which contrasted well with him playing under the massive arch that St. Alban’s displays.

Memorable Moments: Bejar performed “Savage Night at the Opera” from Destroyer’s 2011 album, Kaputt. He fully evoked the same emotions that the original track held even with the transition from the electronic original to an acoustic version. His entire performance admittedly had this effect, but Bejar truly outdid himself with this song.

Overall: Bejar’s performance was a wonderful picture of a man stripped down with only his voice and guitar. It’s interesting to see an artist portray such a variety of style within his performance and have that work out so exceptionally.

13Review by Brianna Harris

Photos by Matt Hertendy


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