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Direct Hit! – Sneaky Dee’s – CMW 2014


Direct Hit! – Sneaky Dee’s – CMW 2014

Direct Hit! - Sneaky Dee's - May 8th 2014-3899

Who: Direct Hit!
From: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Where: Sneaky Dee’s
When: Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Total Score: 8/10

Style: Pop-Punk

Crowd: The crowd at Sneaky Dee’s wasn’t going anywhere. Even though I suspect that a lot of people were there primarily for The Flatliners, they went crazy for Direct Hit! as well.

Image: The band was displaying their punk antics on stage throughout the set, with jumping, rolling around and being generally in-your-face.

Memorable Song/Moment: Direct Hit! set started out light with a straight-forward pop-punk sound, but it got gradually more aggressive, ending with a purely hardcore punk song.  The guitar player jumped into the crowd for that. Overall, the sound progression was reminiscent of Descendents.

Comments: Overall, Direct Hit! are a fun live band and they really struck a nostalgia chord in me for the times when punk was good and in abundance.

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Written by: Raya P Morrison
Photos by: Andrej Ivanov