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Devastator CD Release at Rockhouse – St. John’s Review

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Devastator CD Release at Rockhouse – St. John’s

Devastator CD Release at Rockhouse

Devastator CD Release at Rockhouse

Who: Devastator
Conception Bay, NL
The Rockhouse, St John’s NL
June 15th, 12:30am

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Crowd: The bar was filled by the time Devastator took the stage, and this was a pretty intense metal crowd, there’s no denying that fact. The bruises that started appearing on my body the day after can attest to this. Long hair was flailing about this incredibly energetic bunch of people in a sea of black clothes, but while there were people being thrown about the mosh pit everywhere, Newfoundland does still have the nicest metal heads ever. Whenever someone fell down, they didn’t have time to get squished before they were hauled right back up and thrown back into the madness once again.

Style: Devastator’s style is a really hard style to define. They’re obviously a fantastic heavy metal band, but I think what makes them so great is their ability to mix tones of thrash metal, with stoner rock grooves and a pinch death metal in order to form a perfect blend of metal goodness.

Technicalities: The only technical issue throughout the show was towards the end of their second set as the vocalist’s mic kept randomly cutting out through a few songs due to a poor patch cord. Despite this minor issue, the band delivered a flawless performance. It’s obvious that they take their music seriously and spent a lot of time perfecting it for this show. Because of this, few people noticed the mic cutting out, and whenever it did the crowd could be heard singing along and filling in the blanks anyway.

Memorable Song/Moment: There were quite a few memorable moments and songs at this show but I’ll stick with two. First, the band’s tribute to Dimebag Darrell, “Cowboy”, had the entire place going nuts. Even people who hadn’t joined the mosh pit during Devastator’s first set suddenly became compelled to do so and began throwing bodies around in front of the stage and screaming along with the lyrics. I’m sure the crowd singing along to the chorus of this tune could be heard on George Street as they became extremely loud. The second song that I feel needs to be mentioned is the band’s slowest tune, “Delete Me.” As they played, the vocalist disappeared side stage to sit down and sing this one. It was a very emotional tune, and I was pleased that the band had delivered it with as much passion and emotion on stage as they did on the album.

Sex Appeal/Image: Devastator doesn’t need a sexy image or gimmick to bring attention to their music. It’s lyrics and music are put together extremely well and convey the points they are trying to get across without the need for an image. That’s the way a band should be, talented enough to let the music speak for itself. However if a bunch of dudes who are evidently passionate about their music and make great metal faces is your thing, then these guys are mad sexy.

Comments: I’ve seen Devastator many times throughout the past six years, and several times before that as well. They’ve been through many line up changes but they have finally found the sound they were looking for this time around. Personally, I’m really particular over the metal bands I listen to, but these guys have every element that I love and have hit it perfectly. The lyrics in the songs are actually worth listening to, and can be heard through a vocalist who doesn’t scream or growl every word, making it easy to comprehend what he’s singing.  The difference in their vocalist’s voice between their last album and this one is insane. He’s finally found his vocal niche.  Those great vocals paired with soaring guitar riffs, and a heavy rhythm section, in which the drummer is pounding the shit out of his drums, forms one amazing metal band. Out of all the times I have seen them preform, this was by far the best. I can’t believe how tight the band has gotten and the fact that they pulled off pretty much a flawless performance. It’s great to know that good metal bands still exist in St. John’s.

By: Christa Cram


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