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Dirtyphonics at Cabaret Underworld – Montreal Live Review

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Dirtyphonics at Cabaret Underworld – Montreal Live Review – Dirty is Good

Dirtyphonics - Cabaret Underworld - August 31st 2013 Photo: Andrej Ivanov

Dirtyphonics – Cabaret Underworld – August 31st 2013 Photo: Andrej Ivanov

Who: Dirtyphonics
From: Paris, France
Where: Cabaret Underworld
When: Saturday August 31st 2013

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Style: Electro/Dubstep/DnB

Crowd: The opening sets for Dirtyphonics did bring quite a few people, but when I arrived in the small local venue, the party wasn’t quite happening. People were dancing, but it wasn’t quite the same vibe as one would expect at an electro show at an underground club in Montreal. That changed drastically when Dirtyphonics got on stage. They urged everyone to get closer and to dance, and the crowd complied without much need for coaxing. The crowd went buck-wild, while these guys delivered beat after beat, starting out with an electro remix of Metallica. The crowd was so wild, that I even saw a ├é┬ácouple of animals in the crowd. People brought hamster costumes and the now infamous horse masks. Where do I get me one of those?! Suffice it to say, I got knocked down once while taking photos on-stage, so that’s a pretty good crowd to me.

Technicalities: I don’t necessarily understand how electro music is played, written, and whatnot, but as a musician myself, I can say whether or not something appeals to my ears. This definitely did appeal. Was it the heavy bass? Was it the none use of what is typically dubstep, meaning an overly heavy Bass? Was it the European influences? Was it the fact that they are influenced by a couple of my favorite artists, Steve Aoki and the Bloody Beetroots? I honestly think it was a combination of the whole experience. Truly, technically, these guys have got the right influences and concoction to work together as an epic quartet team. I really should put my fingers into creating electro music, just so I can properly defend my case when I say something, but until then, we’ll go with very layman terms.

Memorable Song/Moment: For me, it’s always nice to hear electro groups using old-school music. When the guys put on a Metallica remix, – namely, Seek and Destroy, for those of you who know Metallica – I was quite a happy camper. This isn’t the first band to do it – Italian electro-group The Bloody Beetroots started this – but I am really happy to see this becoming a “thing”. A truly memorable moment happened while I was on stage, where a member of the crowd took off his hat and handed it to one of the guys. The DJ quickly reached over and grabbed the hat, and put it on (and naturally posed for me). When musicians overtly show love to their fans, that’s definitely something to be remembered.

Sex Appeal: You’re Parisian? You speak french with a sexy accent? Me love you long time! It’s always pleasant to hear that accent, and I can never get enough of it. So when the MC called out into the mic and that accent was heard, I was sold! How anyone can have anything against that is beyond my level of comprehension.

Overall: I’m still listening to their music as I’m writing this. I’m a little hooked I’ll admit. I just hope that those who were in any secondary state of mind remember it, because it was quite fun! It’s also a shame that the last day of Electric Zoo was cancelled, because they will be missing out on this awesome group.


Review and Photos by Andrej Ivanov