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E & E Drive In

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e&e drive in brigus

e&e drive in brigus

E & E Drive In, Conception bay Highway, Brigus, Ph: (709)-528-4281, 528-3481(busy line)
Style: Take-out / Dairy Bar
Price: $2 and up
Rating: 4 out of 5

E & E Drive In, Located in the Conception Bay Central Area in historic Brigus, has been more than a local favorite for over forty years. Peopl drive in from all around the Avalon for their famous Chicken and Chips. Their parking lot is often packed to overflowing, and they have two phone lines to field all the calls from hungry customers. Though busy throughout the year, Summer is most certainly high season for E &E with all the tourists passing through the area. Add to that countless regulars who head to E & E for a cold treat from their bar menu, or some grub after a good swim.

I’ve had take-out from E & E many times, it’s pretty much a family favorite  for everyone in the Conception Bay area. I can remember loving their Fries and Custard Cones from as far back as age three and not much has changed. They have a pretty standard take-out menu with all favorites such as Chicken and Chips, Fish and Chips, Onion Rings and Burgers, but what sets them apart is the batter the use. It’s very different from your typical breading batter which is usually made of bread crumbs and spices. Theirs is thick and dough like in its consistency, with a kick of garlic. It tends to be crispier when you have it without gravy, yet soaks it right up when you do have it. It’s “stick to your ribs” food , and there is plenty of it. The Onion Rings are a very popular item on the menu and made for sharing. Thick onion slices look as big as plain donuts when coated in E & E’s signature batter, and if that’s not heavy enough, you can get them smothered in gravy. It’s definitely not the place to go for lighter fare.

Though Wings and Chips are most popular at E & E, I always go for the Chicken Fingers and Fries which are available in two or three pieces and more if you so desire. So thick is the batter on the juicy chicken breast strips that people nicknamed them “chicken logs”. It’s pretty hearty, and with a side of their fries, which are golden and soft with a very mild sweetness, you just might need a nap afterwards. I attribute that to the garlic in the batter though personally, it’ known to make people sleepy. If there’s any room for a sweet treat afterwards you’ve come to the right place. E & E is home of the infamous Deep Fried Mars Bar, which is a Mars Bar in E & E batter(sans the garlic!) deep fried. Though I’ve never sampled it, it is considered something of a delicacy . Even some of the more high brow foodies I know love it. Aside from that, E & E has a dairy bar menu and are very well known for their thick and creamy Milkshakes and Soft Serve, as well as Sundaes, Banana Splits, and their own hand dipped Ice Cream Bars.

They don’t do anything half way at E & E, pretty much everything is from scratch and the recipes are closely guarded secrets. Other places have tried to duplicate their food, but nobody ever got it quite right. I will say it is certainly not for everyone, the extra health conscious among us may want to steer clear. If you like home style Mom and Pop take-outs, it’s one of the best in the province. It’s not something to have in your diet on a frequent and regular basis, but it is certainly well made and reasonably priced. Business is always booming and the phone never stops ringing, it can take a try or two to place your order if you’re calling ahead of time. Once your order is in, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the food to be ready generally.

E & E is open seven days a week. It’s take-out only, but there is a picnic area provided and an extended parking area to eat in your vehicle. Call ahead to order if you can so the food will be ready or close to it when you arrive.

By:Vanessa Wade