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Eddy Yang – Split the Night – Single Review

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Modernizing indie guitar pop isn’t easy, but someone has to do it. In his new single, LA indie-rocker Eddy Yang blends a parts of electronic dance, with his guitar tones to make something uniquely forward sounding. With layers of clanging guitars ringing over the pumping drum machine it sounds oddly like a new take on a natural sound, thanks to the warm feeling of the guitars pushed into the future by the drum machine. While there’s definitely emotion behind Yang’s vocals, the more relaxed delivery does feel at times to hold the true emotion of the track back, except in the choruses where it soars a lot more. Overall mixing parts REM with some influence from The Kills, and even The Velvet Underground, the sound takes some avant-garde style on what would normally be a straightforward sound.

Going for a classic love song, Yang brings tones of Snow Patrol in his lyrical content, shouting out about not wanting to lose himself for love, or wasting his youth. Self-confident in his declarations of reliability, he manages to write a song that while very derivative lyrically works like a song you’ve missed and wanted to hear again, integrating his lyrics into his melodies extremely effectively.