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Erich Mrak – Summer Dealer – Single Review

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Evolving his sound in large steps with each release, Erich Mrak offers up a layered synth-pop deep dive on his latest track. Finding himself at the crossroads of a band like Tokyo Police Club and artists like Mac Miller and J. Cole, he brings a dense suave tone to his music. Through a hazy production not only on the vocals but the overall tone of the song itself, Bento and Mrak really add a mystifying layer to the track.

His light affected vocal delivery takes parts indie and hip hop as he brings a healthy sense of melody while sporting his tough side and fancy clothes in the lyrics. Through the production by Bento, there’s a complex mix of instrumentation as guitars sparkle out amongst the keyboards. While the lyrics may feel a little too close to the self-aggrandizing styles of hip hop, Mrak does offer a more intimate reveal as he ends things, exclaiming his need for personal time.

While it feels like the song is begging for an explorative bridge or impassioned instrumental, the final glistening synth delay and cries of vocal samples offer a more downbeat outro that takes the song out with a deep pensive tone to it.

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