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Festival D’ete de Quebec Day By Day Suggestions and Why

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Festival D’ete de Quebec Day By Day Suggestions and Why

Festival D’ete De Quebec announced its 48th line up yesterday.   With all the excitement from The Rolling Stones announcement last week, it looked like anything would pale in comparison.  With past lineups which included Bon Jovi (2012), Aerosmith (2012), The Offspring (2012), Rush (2013), Wu-Tang Clan (2013), Stevie Wonder (2013), Lady Gaga (2014), Snoop Dogg (2014), Billy Joel (2014), QOTSA (2014), Cypress Hill (2014), and Soundgarden (2014), the organizers have their challenges cut out for them.

The only problem with booking amazing line ups year after year, is that it gets harder and harder to top yourself. Did Festival D’ete top themselves yet again? We’re about to find out…

festival d'ete 2015 lineup

The festival certainly has a little something for everyone, which seems to be the theme of Festival D’ete. World music and blues sprinkled with Francophone Quebecois sandwiched in-between mega pop and rock stars with randomness. During the first third of the festival, Francophone artist like Arthur H will be complimented by English blues act Colin James and the iconic Tragically Hip and mega stars the Foo Fighters. The end of the festival will see some of the greatest rock stars of all time.

We decided to break this down day by day.

Is this the best lineup of the year?

Thursday July 9

The electronic element has a bit of a strange feel to it.  The first day is clearly owned by Full Flex Express Tour – with Jack U feat. Skrillex & Diplo. While it’s great to see Skrillex and Paul Oakenfold at the same festival, it’s a shame that they are 5 days apart. For those who follow the less popular side of EDM there’s Milk & Bone, Foxtrott, and Yelle, but they are playing at the same time and same day as Skrillex… so there’s really no contest.

The rest of day one is clearly lost unless you are into Chocolat (The Cercle at 11:30pm). Catch Family Of The Year at 8pm at Loto-Quebec Stage if you really get it.

Friday July 10

The Tragically Hip vs Keith Urban, flip a coin. Both are incredible and both are worth your time, unfortunately, both are playing at the same time. Arthur H and Salomé Leclerc are also playing in the same time slot so… who matters and who cares!?  Unfortunately the French artists will be shadowed by the well-known American and Canadian superstars on this date.

Saturday July 11

The middle portion of the festivals is a rock/classic rock lover’s dream, with a few unexpected holes stuck in the middle. Royal Blood followed by Foo Fighters is pretty much the only relevant show happening on the first Saturday of the festival.

While Colin James plays the blues and the heavy reggae vibes of Tribals Seeds fills the air, it’s pretty clear where the crowd will be.

Sunday July 12

You can start off on Sunday by seeing METZ and Black Lips on the Imperial Bell stage or skip this completely to go see Iggy Azalea filling in that pop element that Lady Gaga had last year, however we wouldn’t recommend it.

Monday July 13

Monday is a no brainer with The Doobie Brothers opening for Boston on the main stage at plains D’abraham.
Although we’re pretty happy about Charles Bradley who is playing at the same time, The Doobie’s and Boston win this round.

Tuesday July 14

Patrick Bruel is playing on the main stage the following day. Who is Patrick Bruel? The french actor, singer and poker player (yes poker player) is one of the best selling French artists of all time. He’s been around since 1979 and his fans affectionately know him as the creator of Bruelmania. But unless you’re into legendary French music, you probably won’t get it.

So who is there to see instead? Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble (presumably playing their latest album) will be the highlight of Tuesday. There is also a chance to catch The Wilderness of Manitoba and Toronto’s The OBGM’s, both are playing on Tuesday.

If you time it right you can see The Wilderness at 6:00pm, Primus at 9:30pm and The OBGM’s at 11:30pm.   If you get too drunk at the Primus show to see The OBGM’s or if you just feel like 6:00pm is too early to see The Wilderness of Manitoba, both bands are playing twice at the festival so plan yourself accordingly.

Wednesday July 15th

It’s no secret The Rolling Stones are playing Plains D’Abraham on the 15th.  The 25% increase in budget reported by the CBC  speculates that the festival may have spent upwards of 3 millions dollars on one of the best selling rock bands of all time. Classic rock fans starting a three day trip will have to extend their trip until the last day of the festival if they wish to see more nostalgia.

The Stones will be sandwiched by Patrick Bruel (see above) on Tuesday the 14th and French political hip hop outfit IAM with De La Soul on the 16th. They are also playing at the same time as Paul Oakenfold, which will be conflict of interest for Electronic fans with a curiosity for true nostalgia.

Thursday July 16th

This night is almost as strange as the 12th. As stated above the french outfit IAM will be performing with De La Soul on the main stage presumably this is to mirror Snoop Dogg’s performance of Last year.

If you’re not into that there’s Grand Analog and Antibalas playing on the always beautiful Hydro-Quebec Stage with The Lemon Bucket Orkestra opening. Oddly enough, the Toronto based “Guerilla-folk” Orkestra will be performing twice that night.

LIGHTS will also be performing at the Imperial Bell, if anyone is still into that sort of thing.

Friday July 17

Friday is sort of an underground indie lovers paradise.

Ex Slip members The Barr Brothers will be playing an hour long set opening for Patrick Watson on Friday and we highly recommend taking that in, if you are still waiting for Deep Purple on Sunday.

Who the heck is Patrick Watson?

If you really don’t wanna find out who Patrick Watson is (we assume you’ve never heard of him),  go check out Viet Cong and Interpol on the Loto Quebec Stage

Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra and Red Baraat should fill your taste for something different while Daddy Long Legs or Ponctuation (who are both playing more than once during the festival) should fulfill your late night appetite for fresh and new.

Saturday July 18

Saturday’s main stage has nothing announced yet. Keeping in mind the mega budget spent on the The Stones, we can only hope and wait that something legendary will show up here. Rod Stewart? Another mega electronic artist? Only time will tell.

There’s Zappa plays Zappa on the Loto-Quebec stage sprinkled with lots of world music and jazz on the other stages with Blakdenim being our stand out suggestion.

Other that that, Satruday feels a bit tame at this point.

Sunday July 19

Sundays main stage line up consists of Deep Purple followed by Nickelback. Thank goodness for that! I mean who wants to sit through an hour and an half of Nickelback before Deep Purple?

There’s some exceptional real world Cuban music at 9:50pm on the Hydro Quebec stage with Los Van Van or alternatively Map (Les 20ans de Map on the Imperial Bell stage if you’d prefer some experience some real Quebec punk instead of the Nicklecrock show.

The best three day bang for the buck would be Monday the 13th – Wednesday the 15th.

For this middle of the festival experience one would be able to hypothetically take in The Doobie Brothers and Boston on Monday followed by Primus on Tuesday and The Stones on Wednesday.

Legendary electronic artist producer Paul Oakenfold plays on Imperial Bell on Wednesday the 15th, however there are two things wrong with this. For one it’s five days after the Skrillex & Diplo Full Flex Express has left and second it’s the same time slot as The Rolling Stones. Tough luck Oakenfold, I’m sure someone will still show up for your set.

Pre-sale begins at noon today.