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Funny Man


3 years is a long time, especially in comedy. It’s 1 third of the high school career of most of my cousins! My parents decided they weren’t in love anymore after just 3 years x9 of marriage. Which by the way is a multiple of 3! I have had an infected Loon bite on my neck for 3 years. 3 years is a long time, so naturally I’m concerned and suspicious that it’s still there, and I’m also starting a grassroots campaign to have all Loons sent to Cochrane Ontario and let the locals deal with it, as well as removing the Loon from all national currency, mainly the Loonie. How many more children must succumb to Loon venom before we put this hideous aggressor behind bars?

I don’t believe in luck because much like astrology, or astronomy, or duteronomy, or numerology, or pastrami, or Scientology, or geology, it’s the Devil’s science and those who practice it unto their fellow kinsman shall be purified in the cleansing agony of the holy fire! Let the druids mark their doors with the blood of the horse, and let them be dragged into the streets at the high hour for the Final Shunning under the lazy eye of XENU! 

Anyways, even though I don’t believe in any of that stuff, a lot of folks these days are saying that ‘3’ is a lucky number? You have to admit, it’s an impressive one

It sure can be – it all depends on the guy/girl/girl or guy/guy/guy or girl/girl/girl  or guy/guy/girl ratio or brother/sister/suspicious friend ratio or whatever ratio you’re into. Or if this was the lunar surface as depicted on the side of a metal band’s utility van, than we could call it the unicorn/jacked amazon woman/laser beam ratio 

Anyways, what? What we do know is that a good comedy show that comes in 3s is straight #CRAY!!! That’s some rare ish homie! 3 years of a successful monthly comedy show with a packed crowd in a venue that doesn’t smell like old pee and dead dreams and chairs with the appropriate amount of working legs (again 3… or more) and people sitting in them who actually want to WATCH comedy happen to them and IN FRONT of them!?? And they pay money to let it go down, so that the comics can eat afterwards and warm their hands!?

CHEESUS FLUFFIN’ RICE, that’s one lucky number 3!

For the 3rd year running, Marc Anthony Sinagoga’s FUNNY MAN INC returns to the Richmond Hill Theatre for Performing Arts with ‘FUNNY MAN FRIDAYS’, the hugely successful smash comedy showcase that’s been packin’ em in since old ‘ought 11. And it just gets bigger, and bigger, and big – well, sheeeeyut, you don’t need us to tell you that

The season 3 premier happens THIS FRIDAY!

Fri Jan 24, 8:30pm (8pm)

Tickets $20 door (way worth it) OR $15 in advance (way reccomended!)

Lineup, info, bonus tomfoolery and so much more at

Showcasing some of the fastest rising young comics in Canada, right here in the GTA! 





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