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Gloryhound – Interview

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Gloryhound Interview with Evan Meisner Jan 28, 2012
By: Darrell Shelley







1. You guys are opening for Deep Purple on their Atlantic Canadian dates, pretty sweet gig!  Tell us how you got it…How did it feel when you heard the news?

We’re really excited!  Always listen to Purple, quintessential rock n roll!

Our agent Ralph James made that happen,  he’s friends with Neil Warwick (president of the Agency group) and Neil’s first client was Deep Purple. Ralph pitched us to Neil to get the show.

Also playing the Metro in Halifax has been a life long dream for me.


2.  Did you guys get much notice or heads up on the gig?

Oh no!  Kind of last minute, we didn’t really know this was going to happen until a few days ago.  We were ready to pack up and go for the month if needed.


3.  Have you spoken with Deep Purple?

Hope to meet them soon! We haven’t spoken with them yet.


 4. You mentioned Ralph James. How did you pen the deal with the Agency group?

Trapper Johns in St. John’s during the Juno Gibson party. We were sharing a bill with Standfields, a band from Halifax.

There was a crazy storm that night! Flights were delayed and for some reason there was nothing in the room… no drum kit, no back line… it was mess…  We knew that Ralph would show up and we were pretty nervous about it.  Some people pitched in and eventually we got it together and played a good set.

Ralph showed up for the set and signed us a few days later.


5.   You’ve played with Thin Lizzy, Thornley, Sam Roberts, Drive By Truckers, Big Wreck, The Sheep Dogs… any memorable moments you’d like to share?

I have to go with the Thin Lizzy show at Sound Academy in Toronto March 30, 2011. Jeremy went back stage to meet the band wearing a Misfits tee and they shit on him for it “not with that shirt you can’t”.

It was an older crowd and great reception. We play a throw back style and the mature fans enjoyed it, the Thin Lizzy fans they total get it.

I also remember playing at NXNE which was pretty cool. It was with CJ Ramone, he was sitting in his van playing his bass for like an hour before his set.  Pretty cool to see that kind of dedication.


6.  CMW, NXNE, Juno Fest, ECMAs…Nova Scotia Music Week, Halifax Pop  – Looks like you’ve played all the big festivals in Canada. Any plans to tour in the States?

Doing Juno Fest Ottawa this year! After February we’re going to get back to writing. Heading to Ontario in March then back home in April. Playing Halifax then the ECMAs in Moncton. No plans to hit the States yet, we’ve got a lot on our plate right now here in Canada.

7. 2010 ECMA nomination and Music Nova Scotia Awards nomination…were you surprised by it?

I don’t know whats going on! We didn’t win yet!?!

We got nominated this year as well, it was a surprise. It’s nice to get acknowledged we’re grateful we got the nod.


8.  Just checked out Electric Dusk!   Great video. MORE COWBELL!   Tell me about the process of making the video and putting the team together to make it.

Really quick, we shot and edited the thing in one day.

We got selected for 10×10 Atlantic film festival.  They choose ten bands and ten video guys…I mean directors…and they pair them up at random and you have five days to make the video.

We wanted to use the Tribeca…the coolest thing in Halifax by far.   They gave us a crew and we shot the video on the last day.  The editors were going crazy trying to finish it on time!

It was a competition. We didn’t win it, but we got a free video…and it looks good. We’re proud of it


9.  The Tribeca? Didn’t it recently close?

Yes it was the coolest thing in Halifax! They were having problems with the building code and laws and stuff.

Damn laws needed them to have a kitchen. The city kept slashing the capacity. They couldn’t make any money at 120 capacity. There’s so much red tape… the liquor inspectors have nothing better to do, but find excuses to shut it down. It’s too crazy and over blown and excessive, the laws make it hard for local bars to make a go of it.

We need these places and if you penalize them for every little thing…just to shut them down they ruin it for the city and the culture…law makers need to chill out.

We played one of the last shows ever there with Dave Marsh and the True Love Rules …that was incredible for us!


10.  Halifax bands you’d like to mention?

Dave Marsh and the True Love Rules
Audrey and the Agents
The Town Heros

A lot of bands breaking up recently probably because lack of venues.


11.  Electric Dusk licensed to NHL network featured on “Plays of the Week” (Oct ’11)

Yeah we never imagined our song being used for hockey. Dave and Shawn are hockey fans so I think they like that… actually Dave gave up hockey for guitar. Getting paid for a TV spot was nice too!


12.  Your new EP “Electric Dusk” – Describe the recording process “live off the floor” how’d that work for ya?   Will you do it that same way next time?

Did it at Chemical in Toronto. Dean Marino and Jason Sadlowski engineered it and did a fantastic job! We did the whole thing in 2 days!

We spent most of our time on pre-production. Laurence Currie (our producer) drove us nuts in rehearsals.  We rented a spot at the front and Sherbourne Rehearsal Factory. We were on the top floor in a 35 degree heat wave.  Striped down to our underwear… sounds sexy?  It wasn’t – it was greasy! Laurence just kept on us, hammering out our tunes over and over for a week. We learned how to play tighter because of him. Then we went into the studio with a bare bones set up, same way we play live and recorded it live.  Next day did the vocals and that was it!

Laurence taught us how to deliver and play better live. It was hard work but he really got the best out of us.


13. How do you feel about Toronto?

Spent the last 6 months out of the year there. We’ve got a good fan base there, I love Toronto. It has a great rock club scene. We always enjoy playing CMW, NXNE and those things.

In Halifax the Tribeca closed down, the Marquee closed down etc…its getting harder to find good clubs to play.  We can still play the Seahorse and I love it, but can’t do that every week!

Luckily we’ve got a friend in Toronto who we stay with in a condo down town, so we’ve been lucky getting around and all that.

We might have to make the move there eventually.

14.  Aren’t you worried you might lose some East Coast cred if you make that move?

As soon as band gets a certain level of status underground shuts them out. I have a problem with that.  We all want success in life. We’re willing to do whatever it takes.


15.  Any Toronto bands you’d like to mention?

Ian Blurton and his band C’mon! I saw them play the Seahorse in Halifax.  Someone threw a bottle at [drummer] Dean. He jumped up from behind the kit and punched the guy in the face like three times.  The guy got kicked out and Dean jumped back up on the stage and counted the song back in without missing a beat!


16.   First time you heard your own song on the radio…How’d that feel? When was it?

Electric Dusk… First time here on Q104.  They were the first who supported it and put it in rotation.  I was in my car and thought “this is cool”. Now it’s driving me nuts after hearing it so many times.


17. New single TKO Tokyo is doing well on the East Coast countdown.

Was no.1 on the East Coast on the countdown, yeah. We haven’t released it yet… kind of surprise.  It’ll be officially released soon.


18.  Any final remarks?

So stoked for these Deep Purple gigs.  We’re gonna be in St.John’s next weekend, love the live scene there!  I think the average age of the Purple guys is like 120, lol. Can’t wait to meet the legends behind those classic albums!


By: Darrell Shelley

Gloryhound will be performing across Atlantic Canada supporting Deep Purple. They will open for Deep Purple at Mile One February 2.


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